Your Guide on how to Write a Report for Work

How to Write a Report for Work

The basics of how to write a report for work

Have you been asked to write a work report yet you don’t know how to get started? In this article we will share tips that will help you know how to write a report for work without difficulties.

The two most important things while writing a report is using proper language and layout. Additionally, you have to ensure the information you provide can be understood easily and that it is accurate.

A work report provides information regarding an event or performed job. This means it must present factual information. The language you use is supposed to be impersonal and formal while the conclusion is supposed to provide your evaluation on the basis of the report content.

Tips on how to write a report for work that is impressive

With these simple guidelines on how to write a report for work, you should be able to write a report that is reader friendly and impressive as well.

  • Start by doing your homework

Before you start writing your report, make sure you understand what is expected from you. It is important to ensure your report is useful, accurate and informative as well as delivered on schedule.

  • Establish the preferred format

Next, you must establish the preferred report format according to your supervisor or boss. There are those who prefer no-nonsense, short reports that have bullet points while others prefer detailed and lengthy discussions of every topic. Also, it is important to determine whether the report should be delivered in hard copy or electronically.

  • Present your information

By using the format suggested for the report, you should present information related to the work subject at hand. For instance, if the report is on weekly sales figures or monthly job progress, present it in a simple memo by making changes to the previous report. Reports that are on one-time events on the other hand like conference travel or productivity study demand that you present information in a more detailed format.

  • The layout

At the top of the report, put the report title, date and the name of the individual who will read the report as well as your name as the writer. If the report is supposed to be in a memo format, the report title can be used as subject line. Ensure the title is specific and clear enough without any ambiguities for instance, “Field Report for Santa Carlos Conference” or “Production Figures for IT Department.

For you to write a good report for work, you should break it down as follows:

  • Description-It is important to be very precise while writing the description. You are supposed to include details and organize the report with some subheadings if necessary. In some instances, you might have to include the materials, equipment and results accrued from the task in the report.
  • Introduction-While writing the introduction, include information related to the work or event as well as the background for carrying it out.
  • Heading-In the heading, you have to include your name, the person who is going to read the report, the subject and the date
  • Create headers

Every section of your report is supposed to have headers. This is a key aspect in how to write a report for work. The introduction section is supposed to introduce your topic and at the same time, summarize the key points.

In the background section, you can consider describing why a given marketing study was carried out or the problems of production that prompted an evaluation of workflow. The body of the report is supposed to include the major report points such as the accomplishments made at a conference, results of process review or the kind of impact a training program, for instance has on employees.

  • Conclusion

You should use a summary to conclude your report. Additionally, make sure you state recommendations for warranted action. For instance, for the conference trip report, the recommendation can be that it was not of great value and the company might have to consider not sending employees to conferences in the future.

If the report is on a recent study, then the recommendations can be along the lines of study results. If you need the reader to take a particular action, make sure you clearly state it rather than leave them second guessing.

  • Edit and proof read

Before you send the report, make sure that you take time to proof read it. Anyone who knows how to write a report for work knows that it is imperative to ensure it does not contain any grammar or spelling errors and that the dates and figures are accurate. Additionally, make sure the format is not only correct but neat as well. Finally, you have to sign the report or use your initial.

Key points to remember on how to write a report for work

To sharpen your skills on how to write a report for work there are a couple of things you need to consider and they include the following:

  • Date and name-Write the name and the date (for instance Report for the Week of November 1). If the report is going to be an email, this can serve as the subject line and if it is not, include a header with this information at the top of the report.
  • Provide project details-This will include the assignment or project title, names of those working on it as well as the start and end dates.
  • Explain the accomplishments-You can use headers such as “Completed Tasks”, “Accomplishments” or “Completed Actions”. Be certain to indicate the report period for instance is it quarterly, weekly or monthly and ensure you start sentence with active verbs such as organized, filed, designed, defined, solved, completed, improved or fixed. If the report is a weekly one and brief, use of three to six bullet sentences might be enough.
  • Future plans-In your report, you also need to indicate when the next period of reporting is expected. You can use headers such as “To Do”, “Planned Tasks” or “Next Steps. Make estimates of the duration it will take you to accomplish these tasks and make references to schedules you might be working with. For brief reports, this can be done in three to six lines.
  • Discuss potential problems or any issues-You are supposed to clarify any guidance or assistance, you might be looking for in this section. Use headers such as “Issues and Comments” or “Open Issues” the paragraphs need to be short here and ideally, a paragraph or two should be enough. Be specific on whether you need assistance or not. For instance, if you are experiencing difficulties getting in touch with suppliers, you can request for assistance. On the other hand, if you have a solution to the problem, state so in the report as well in order to let whoever is reading the report know things are under control.

The above guidelines on how to write a report for work, should be sufficient to help you write good work reports. However should you not be in a position to write one you can look at the following samples : – Ladies and Gentlemen Survey and Report.

You can also read the report sample iPhone to further get an idea of what is needed to write a great and impressive report.

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