Women and Gender Studies Critical Thinking on Branded Masculinity PowerPoint: Initial Summary Analysis

Branded Masculinity PowerPoint: Initial Summary Analysis

            The perception of an ideal man is defined by the toughness, strength, income, provision and domination over women. A man who greatly qualifies in all these is defined as hyper masculine (Voice thread 3). This definition is largely effected by the media by posting toned bodies as the standards for men, thereby creating undue pressure on the males. Masculine perception assumes women as inferior and thus expects women to play inferior roles such as economic and domestic dependence. This perception further envisages women and children relying on the protection of the men.

            Beauty in women is depicted as young, sexual and thin. Physical strength is perceived to be manly and this offers more power to men. Bodily satisfaction in the society is thus an idealized perception of the women and the male bodies. According to previous research, media outlook of the male bodies results to weight confusion and dissatisfaction among the males (Mohler 13). These perceptions have led to abnormal eating habits and abuse of steroid related drugs among men. It has besides led to variation of male treatment amongst themselves and against women. Present men when compared with past men are tough and full of emotional self-discipline. It is essential for the public to highlight sexual inequality and improve lives of men and women by redefining masculinity. It is also necessary for the media to reduce unrealistic images as visual perceptions of gender expectations.

Response to Becca

            In today’s society, Branded masculinity has been idolized. Just as the poster you see bear a misconception of how the male body is meant to appear. It is true that the pressure on branded masculinity has led to the male body assuming a sex satisfaction object. Women are to become attracted to such ideal bodies for satisfaction. Women likewise are offered varied beauty products to satisfy men. It is however challenging to modify the height to fit in this image.

            The reasoning behind focusing on the height of man is to offer the natural condition, which few are able to meet. In as much as everyone may have that perfect body, few will be able to match the height standards. This is to introduce further new approaches such as surgery to have that ideal mark. Sexual conflicts in men are heightened when the ideal body is beyond the reach of some. Some men fail to acquire this branded body despite their consistent use of the products advertised. Sexual conflict arises when women fail to perceive their counterparts as adverts pronounce.

Response to Karly

            It is a fact that the media plays a significant role in how the public perceive themselves. Both gender are under pressure to conform to the standards of the media. Women are pressurized to acquire slim bodies while men are moved to build their muscles. This is however ideal just as you have mentioned as few people can manage to keep up with these standards. In order to keep up, the public suffers either psychologically or physically. The way forward is to maintain a good lifestyle and overlook the perceptions of the media.

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