Why You Should Write a Resume

Why You Should Write a Resume

A resume or a CV is a requirement for most job applications nowadays. Your cover letter should be accompanied by a resume detailing your educational background, job experience, skills, and interests. So regardless of your high qualifications, when applying for a job, you need to write a resume. The good news is that you can easily write a perfect resume without help.

A good resume should provide:

–          A summary of your credentials

–          A summary of your educational background, working experience, and achievements

–          A summary of your career goals and ambitions

–          It should be clear, concise, easy to read with a natural flow

–          It should follow a particular format-chronological, functional, targeted, or combo format

Resumes are written for different reasons, but the objective is the same. It is therefore important to understand the reasons for writing the CV before you begin. Whatever the reason, ensure that information is laid down clearly to avoid being rejected.

Depending on their personal circumstances, people have different reasons to write a resume. It’s important you have a clear idea of why you are writing a resume before you start as this will help you choose the correct resume style.

Answer the questions:

–          Are you applying for a new job in a new or same industry?

–          Are you applying for a new job in a different industry?

–          Are you applying for a scholarship, grant, or fellowship

–          Are you applying for college admission?

–          Do you have the qualifications and experience needed for the job?

–          Were you asked to provide a resume or CV during the application process?

A winning resume should contain accurate information about your educational qualifications, accomplishments, honors, awards, and other major tasks relevant to the job profile.