Why you Need Samples of Personal Profile Before Applying for a job

Why you Need Samples of Personal Profile Before Applying for a job

Finding a job today is not easy because of the cutthroat competition in the market. A good way of packaging yourself is having a personal profile. A personal profile is like a compressed version of your resume, capturing your skills, knowledge and abilities. Your profile should draw the reader’s attention from the word go. Since writing about oneself is not that easy, you need samples of personal profile to help you brand yourself appropriately.

In this resource, you will find the following:

While there are millions of examples of personal profiles, the selected examples in this guide and detailed tips should turn around your career path. Read on and standout among job seekers.

Your personal profile should be catchy and interesting to read. Grab the employer’s attention with that one paragraph so that he can read the rest of your CV and, hopefully, give you an interview call.

Why bother a personal profile? Is it necessary?

Having a personal profile before your CV is a good thing. However, it can work for or against you depending on how you create it. Thus, it is an important element of your portfolio but not a must have.

  • If you decide to have a personal profile, ensure that it is lively and succinct! You do not want to introduce your CV with a boring lead that will make the reader move to the next application after the first line.
  • A personal profile becomes vital when you are sending your CV through recruitment agencies and there is a likelihood of your letter being detached.
  • A personal profile is what will make you standout in a competitive field, where managers handle hundreds of applications in a day.
  • Where you do not use a personal profile, include the details in your cover letter instead.

Samples of personal profile and the importance of profiles in the job market

In case you are wondering how this paragraph looks like, find samples of personal profile to master the art of personal branding.

Having looked at why you need a personal profile to grab the employer’s attention, it is important to consider a practical example. Examine the following sample personal profile.

Sample #1 Personal Profile

“I am an open-minded person, with a record of accomplishments in web design and database management. I possess strong technical skills together with exceptional interpersonal skills. I am ready to ready of new challenges that will help me advance my IT skills, which I acquired through experiences in the field of IT.”

Adopted from cvplaza.com.

This is a good example of a personal profile, for a business management candidate. It portrays the knowledge, skills and the vision of the applicant. You too can create own profile and give your CV a new lease of life today.

In the following segment, you will discover more elements that make a good personal profile. Keep reading…

Four things that a personal Profile does:

Summarizes your credentials– It puts together your qualifications and experience that is relevant to the job, which you are applying.

Summarizes your track record– A personal profile shows the length and quality of experience that you have. It also captures your achievements and milestones.

Summarizes your aspirations– It gives a range of roles, which you could be considering in various organizations.

A good tool for social networking– You need a personal profile on professional and social sites like LinkedIn. In addition, it is useful when developing your cover letter and personal statement for your CV.

Tailoring your personal profile for every job application

As you look for samples of personal profile to help you work out yours, consider profiles that relate to what you are looking for. Such profiles will give you insights into what you need to have as your professional introduction paragraph.

Like in cover letter writing, you need to customize your personal profile to suit a particular role or employer. This allows you to highlight areas that are relevant and specific to the job and ensuring that your career aspirations match those in the job advert.

However, it is not possible to tailor your personal profile for every employer when you are posting your CV online or seeking employment through a recruitment agency. In this case, put together your summary to suit the job you are looking for.

While it is common to come up with a generic profile in order to see interested employers, you are likely to grab the employers’ attention if:

  • You express focus for the job you are targeting
  • You are specific about the range of companies under your consideration
  • Bring out your qualifications and experience that is likely to capture employer’s interest

With these insights on tailoring an appealing personal profile, let us consider an example to help you digest these nuggets.

Sample #2: Personal Profile

“I am a qualified fire engineer with up to seven years of experience. I recently received RTITB certification in using Counterbalance forklift trucks. I am looking for a job opportunity that will make use of my skills and allow me to advance them further. I am a determined and enthusiastic person with planning and organization skills and I have no problem being part of a team or working independently. My work schedule is flexible as I can work a variety of shifts.” 

This personal profile was adopted from lighthouseproject.org.uk.

While it might not be the best, it brings out essential aspects of an applicant that the employer should know in the first place. The person clearly highlights his experience, accreditation, personal attributes and the type of opportunities he is looking for.

To get similar samples of personal profile, simply visit the internet where you will find a wide range of examples. Take time and read the samples keenly, reflecting on the tips we have covered so far in this guide.

How to draft an attention grabbing personal profile

Do you already have a personal profile for your job applications? Well, here are some ideas to help you overcome this hurdle:

Headline your profile. Your profile should be a maximum of 100 words long. Start with a headline statement, summarizing your experience and career plan. While this is likely to be tough to draft, it will ensure that you focus on what you can offer to potential employers.

The Summary. What follows your headline sentence is a summary of your experience, achievements and interests. Your profile should be in the range of one or two sentences. As you do your summary, consider the following:

  • Capture aspects of your experience that are more relevant to the job you are seeking
  • Reflect on what will make you standout from a stack of applicants
  • Ensure you support your abilities

Since your profile is limited to length flesh out more about your achievements and experience in your career history and education as you work on your CV.

More on finding samples of personal profile that suit you

Know the purpose of your personal profile. This will ensure that you focus on achieving that goal. As we have discussed before, your profile is an attention grabber. It is a chance to convince the employer that your CV is worth his or her time.

Before you even think of samples of personal profile, make up your mind on how you will entice the hiring committee to develop the urge to know more about and probably hire you.

Draft your profile last- Do not struggle condensing your experiences and achievements in a few sentences as the first task. Work on your CV and cover letter before you summarize yourself into a few sentences.

Use first personal in your profile– First person is more assertive and creates a concrete appeal directly than the third person. Importantly, your personal profile should focus on you and your specific goals. However, do not overuse “I” in your profile.

Avoid buzzwords-These words mean nothing and are generally boring. Be specific when describing your experience. Commonly used buzzwords, which you should avoid are, dynamic, team player, extensive experience etc.

Match your profile with your CV- Your completed profile should match your experiences and skills that you already discussed in your CV and cover letter. Do not repeat your resume but summarize it.

Sample #3: Personal Profile

“I am a qualified management accountant, with 14 year of experience, working in leading multinationals. Analytical with solid systems skills, I specialize in streamlining financial reporting approaches to realize productive systems and enhance decision-making.” Adapted from career-pioneers.com.

With these tips and samples of personal profile, you should be able to rebrand yourself and get that dream job. All the best.

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