Where to Find Good Samples of Cover Letters

Where to Find Good Samples of Cover Letters

The number of job seekers out there wondering where to find good samples of cover letters will overwhelm you. Cover letter is a document that accompany your curriculum vitae. It makes it easy to personalize a job application and highlight the core areas in your CV in depth. Hence, a good cover letter will market you to potential employers and distinguish you from other job seekers.

Job search can never be fruitful without a detailed resume that is backed by a well written and positive cover letter. Remember a cover letter is a document that introduces who you are to a company of interest. It provides a platform to demonstrate your attitude, motivation, personality, communication skills as well as enthusiasm. Many job seekers do not believe in themselves and end up presenting cover letters that are below par, while others get stuck on where to find good samples of cover letters.

Where to Find Good Samples of Cover Letters and Develop Your Writing Skills

Now and then, there is always a job post to be filled by competent personnel. Holding unmatched skills on how to write good cover letters is one of the easy means of being one of the interviewees. As a job seeker, you have to be creative and hold great writing tips and procedures in mind. One of the best ways to improve your writing skills is to rely on samples of cover letters. However, where to find good samples of cover letters is a big concern for many inexperienced job seekers.

Samples of cover letters are beneficial as they will make it easy to check your letter’s structure. The structure of your cover letter should appeal to the readers. Formatting cover letters is not an easy task also, but checking a sample letter will guide you on the best format to put your letters in. The language and vocabulary that you use in your cover letters is quite essential. Cover letters should be written in a passionate manner, positively and in an easy to comprehend language. It is wise to look for a sample of a cover letter written for the same job post that you intend to go for. Here are several ways on how you can find good samples of cover letters;

  1. Talk to your friends– Your friends will help you find a number of good sites where to find good samples of cover letters. It is not a surprise that they have used these samples of cover letters to improve their writing skills. Ask your friends about good writers whose cover letters can be helpful. You can also use some of the cover letters written by your friends as samples.
  2. Visit the nearby library– Libraries have diverse manuals on how to write, and you can find one on cover letters and use them to improve your letters.
  3. Make use of the internet– Today, many learning institutions share sample works and numerous manuals on how to write in their webpages. You can visit a few websites and learn more on how to write great cover letters. It is easy to download these samples of cover letters for future use.
  4. Consult experienced writers– Writers out there who offer writing services can offer helpful tips and guidelines on how to write quality cover letters. They will demonstrate to you how to write cover letters using examples. These experts make it easy to understand how to format your letter, what a typical structure of a cover letter entails and more so what common writing errors that may make your letter not meet its requirements.

How to Use Samples of Cover Letters When You Find Them

Writing cover letters is an area that many people struggle with. You are not alone in this area, but you can make it easier by ascertaining where to find good samples of cover letters. If you find visiting the library or webpages or consulting experts is the way out, just do it. Any doubts will derail your confidence to write quality cover letters. It is wise to make use of sample letters, but do not plagiarize them. The benefits of using samples to write a cover letter will be worth the time and energy you spend. For instance;

  • You will know the number of words and sentences per paragraph that you need to write a one page and detailed cover letter.
  • You will be able to plan more carefully and thoroughly on how to organize your cover letter similar to the sample letter you have at disposal.
  • A good sample cover letter is essential when you need to find new sources and produce a great piece especially if you are writing on a similar job post.
  • Good sample cover letters will not only help you produce quality letters, but also become a better writer in general. You will learn new skills that you can always apply to future writing assignments.

The following guidelines will help you know where to find good samples of cover letters

Cover letters are well written by focusing on the job vacancy, the employer and your qualifications and also giving value to time to research. At a times, job seekers do not have time to focus on the entire writing process or look at sample letters for guidance. Fortunately, good news await many job seekers out there. Writing services are easy to access these days and no one should worry on where to find good samples of cover letters. Custom writing companies are working hard to help job seekers produce or submit quality cover letters.

Websites offering writing services vary greatly and it is advisable to pick a website that will satisfy your needs. Here are standards of a good website where to find samples for cover letters;

  • Ensure the writing service provider has hired qualified and experienced writers. These are writers who can be able to produce their credentials when required to.
  • The writing company should be able to keep any customer details confidential and private. Whenever clients are making orders, they may sometimes be required to give out confidential details, hence it is the obligation of the company not to reveal any information to a third party.
  • The company of choice should always offer non-plagiarized work. Presenting hiring managers or recruiters with copy pasted letters may cost you a well-paying and a worthy job opportunity.
  • The company of choice should be able to offer writing services or quality cover letters within set deadlines. It has to fulfill the 24/7 delivery guarantee of quality letters or related assignments.
  • The cost of their writing services and orders must be affordable and budget-friendly. Most of the clients in need of cover letters are job seekers and some may not have enough money to pay for writing services, hence the website must be considerate on its charges.

Samples of Cover Letters for You

Use of sample cover letters is not a new thing amongst job seekers and you can also make use of them if stuck. Do not lose a well-paying job and a chance to develop your career by failing to present a great cover letter. Below are helpful samples of cover letters;

Sports Marketing Cover Letter

Dash Glenn


Spring hill, AL 75234

12 June 20XX

Jennifer Vargas

76285 Sportsman Drive


Dear Ms. Vargas

I read your advert for a sports marketing assistant manager post with great interest and I express my interest in being a part of your organization.

I have been around professional sports since my childhood. My father has been my motivation and he helped me enroll into different colleges and pursue my dream in sports management. I have held the position of sports marketing assistant since 2007 at Unit Nation Corp, after working in several other organizations in the country.

I possess both creative and technical elements of marketing initiatives that have made me standout in the field. I have been able to raise the status of many athletes in relations to their dedication in the field. Currently have been working with upcoming basketball players and have enrolled a number of them into the firm.

I would like to be to be a part of your rapidly growing corporation and I hope we will be able to build a good rapport with your esteemed clients. I would like to share more about my passion, achievements and career with you. I look forward for your humble reply.

Yours truly


Dash Glenn

Sales Coordinator Cover Letter

Fresca Blast

Lowie Lane,



Dear Hiring Manager

It is with great interest that I submit my application for the post of sales coordinator for the Wetzel Castle Project. As an administrative expert with more than six years of experience, I know my diverse skills and qualifications will be an asset to your organization and team.

I have built my career in a number of roles and industries as you can see in my resume, more so in small corporations where I worked as the admin, technology expert, marketing guru and gatekeeper.

I have been coordinating a 300-page grant proposal and we have been able to get a $1.5 million grant reward and hope I will guarantee more growth and development in your firm if rewarded this opportunity.

I am thrilled at the possibility of being a part of your firm and I would love to meet and discuss the value I can bring to your organization and the Wetzel Castle Project. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


Fresca Blast

As a job seeker, you should not miss out a lifetime opportunity to work in a good organization, because you cannot write a cover letter or you do not know where to find good samples of cover letters. It’s our hope that the above information will help you find great samples of cover letters you can use as a guide/reference to write yours.

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