Where to Find a Sample of a Good Critique

Where to Find a Sample of a Good Critique

What is a critique and where to find a sample of a good critique?

The reason you want to know where to find a sample of a good critique is probably because you want to deliver the perfect piece. Yet, writing a critique is not always an easy task. It involves reading/studying and/or observing the work you are supposed to critique in order to understand it. So, the big question is, what is a critique?

Critique is a term that refers to an academic genre of writing briefly summarizing and critically evaluating a concept or given work. Critiques are used to analyze different types of work such as:

  • Creative works such as images, novels, film, poetry and exhibits
  • Research work such as journal articles, theories, monographs and systematic reviews
  • Media such as feature articles and news reports.

In a nutshell, a critique uses academic, formal style of writing and has a well laid out structure which includes an introduction, body and conclusion. While this is the case, the body of a critique contains detailed evaluation and summary of the work.

Critique writing helps writers to develop:

  • Knowledge of the related works or subject area
  • Understanding of the purpose of the work, the target audience, argument development, evidence structure and creative style.
  • Recognition of the weaknesses and strengths of the work.

The importance of knowing where to find a sample of a good critique

There are instances when even the greatest minds and writers need help while writing a critique. Knowing where to find a sample of a good critique is important because:

  • It gives you an outside perspective that is valuable- Whenever you are too close to your work or immersed in self-doubt, a sample not only offers reassurances but suggestions as well.
  • Offers support-When you have a sample to work with, chances of believing in your capabilities are increased.
  • Acts as a practice opportunity-Once you are given a critique to work on, eventually, you must submit it to agents, editors or your professor. Whichever the case, you need a lot of courage. With samples, you sharpen your skills and have a clearer picture of what is expected from you.

Tips on where to find a sample of a good critique

Regardless of how good you are as a writer, there are instances when you need the help of a professional to not only improve your writing skills but hone them as well. Precisely for this reason, knowing where to find a sample of a good critique is crucial and includes:

  • Online groups

There are websites such as bestessayservices.com and writing groups committed to help you find good critique samples. Such websites have a pool of writers who can tackle specific styles or genres. The smart thing to do when looking for such websites is to settle for those offering samples for free as it shows good faith on their part.

Also, ensure that they provide an interactive platform and they have the capability of answering any questions you raise.

  • Writing organizations

These are professional groups that offer support and they mostly focus on specific genres. They are the perfect place to start when looking for where to find a sample of a good critique. Through these groups, you get to meet other members and you can work together to improve your writing skills.

  • Social media

The increased use of social media makes it an ideal place to find samples of a good critique. With the variety of social media platforms available, you should pick one that has like-minded writers. This is important as it makes it easy for you to find writers you can swap critiques with. Simply, look for those writers interested in the same genre as you.

Factors to consider when looking for where to find a good critique sample

It is not enough that you identify a place where to find a sample of a good critique. It is imperative that you ensure the sample provided is of high quality, written by an expert and plagiarism free. Note that delivery of plagiarized work often attracts great repercussions. To ensure you are on the safe side, take the following into consideration:

  • Reputation-With so many websites that purport to offer free samples, treading carefully is crucial. Take time to review the kind of reputation a website has before using any of its sample materials. Among websites that have built a strong reputation for offering high quality and informative samples is premiumessays.net. This website offers a variety of papers for you to review and covers a range of topics. The website has a user friendly interface that makes it easy for you to navigate from the samples to other pages with great ease. Additionally, new sample papers are posted on the website frequently.
  • Quality and original papers-As stated earlier, knowing where to find a sample of a good critique is not enough. You must ensure the papers are original, written from scratch and well formatted. For instance if you click here, the critique on Jacobs Chicken is a reflection of quality and original writing. The writer begins with an introduction and proceeds to highlight the writing style used by the author of the book. This is the perfect illustration of what a critique needs to look like.
  • Reliability-When looking for a place where to find a sample of a good critique, then you need to settle with a website you can fully rely on. You need a website that is up and running 24/7. This ensures that whenever you need a sample to work with, you easily get one. This is the perfect example of a website you can rely on when looking for a good sample critique. Not only is the website running 24/7 but it also has sources that are up to date critiques on different topics at any level and customer support around the clock.

Now that you already know aspects to consider when looking for where to find a sample of a good critique, make sure that you do your homework thoroughly. Remember that critiquing the work of other people helps make you a better write. By starting to work with samples, you sharpen your writing skills thus increasing your chances to deliver impressive critiques.

Examples of good critique papers

Example 1

Now that you already know where to find a sample of a good critique, it is important to look at some of the best examples.

This critical review of Man’s search for meaning is an ideal example of a good critique. The writer begins by letting the author know the work they are critiquing and offers a snippet of what the author talks about. The writer follows proper style by setting the scene and giving the reader main points of the work/story they are critiquing.

Example 2

‘Tourism in natural disaster affected regions’ is yet another good critique worth looking at when looking for samples. It looks at the role played by tourism by taking a critical analysis and discusses on people in regions that depend in tourism are affected when disaster strikes. You can read more about the entire critique here.

Take time to compare different critique samples in order to understand the different writing styles and formats used. This is important as in the end, it ensures you deliver a high quality paper. More importantly, when looking for a website where you can find a good critique, it is important to ensure they have a variety of samples for you to choose from.

This is essential since it gives you options to work with and at the same time, ensures you do not have to search for other websites. By following these tips and ideas, it should be easy to know where you can find samples of good critiques. This will save your time and help you sharpen your writing skills within the shortest time possible.


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