Where to Find a Performance Review

Where to Find a Performance Review

A performance review is an assessment, which aims at establishing the value and contribution of an employee to the organization. It is a common exercise since managers want to keep track of the employees’ performance to avoid making losses. For managers, the challenge is always striking a balance between praise and criticism while employees dread hearing their contribution is inadequate. Better still most managers do not know where to find a performance review sample to help them conduct employee assessment.

In this reference guide, you will find analyzed strategies of conducting excellent performance appraisals and workable ways of finding assessment templates for employees. Read on and get the facts….

Discovering where to find a performance review sample for your employees

Whether you get sample appraisal reviews from Harvard or from London School of Business, what matters is the outcome of your evaluation process. For this reason, as a manager, work towards having an evaluation procedure and formula that serves the interest of your organization and for its posterity.

If you are, a beginner in managerial, one of the most worrying question is where to find a performance review sample because you want to familiarize yourself with the whole process. The essence of finding a sample review is to give you a glimpse of how other organizations conduct the process.

A sample performance review should help you establish the following.

Important things to remember when finding performance review samples

Evaluating employees is sometimes a mind boggling task. The challenge is always translating your observations onto a piece of paper and making recommendations that could determine the future of your staff, for either good or worse.

The fear that runs down your spine as you think of the values of your employee is normal. No one rose to managerial position without going through similar experience.

The following tips should help you overcome the fear of completing a performance review form. It is simple and just for you… Take a look…

Ask for personal evaluation– The best starting point for performance reviews is asking employees to do own assessment. This will provide you will a feel of their perspective concerning their contribution to the organization.

Get feedback from co-workers. Perhaps your colleagues know you better than any other person in the organization does. Approach them to comment on your performance throughout the year or over a given period.

Judge performance. At the heart of any employee appraisal is determining your delivery or the contribution of your employees. Remember that it a review of accomplishments and not capability.

Judge achievement. Do not aim at evaluating effort or progress. Stick to the successful realization of positive results.

Evaluate a complete cycle. The assessment you conduct must be a reflection of an entire period. This means one month of excellence does not redeem eleven months of shoddy work.

Review independent objectives. A review of one objective should not affect the reviews of the remaining objectives. Independent review of objectives is important since employees perform in different sections differently.

Hoping that these tips have helped you overcome the challenge of where to find a performance review sample, let us look at an example to drive these points home.

Example #1 Performance Review

Relevance of skills 1 2 3 4 5
Knowledge and experience 1 2 3 4 5
Professional standards 1 2 3 4 5
Willingness to learn 1 2 3 4 5
Adheres to safe and secure procedures at work 1 2 3 4 5

Adapted from atyourbusiness.com.

This sample allows the boss to evaluate the employees in terms of skills, experience and knowledge. The column on the left hand side has independent objectives to evaluate while the one on the right hand has the scores. The score you highlight should tally with the skill or knowledge.

Reasons why you need a performance review sample before it is too late

Most employees read malice whenever the manager announces the launch of a performance review exercise. This should not be the case because the purpose of these appraisals is to help you, the manager and the company.

A performance review will help you refocus your career by making necessary adjustments depending on the feedback that you get.

Instead of worrying about where to find a performance review sample, your attention should be on the benefits of conducting a performance review. Do you need it or is your boss after kicking you from the organization? Do not keep guessing; here are the benefits.

Performance review will motivate you. From this exercise, you are able to understand what the company expects from you through setting goals, having timelines, monitoring the progress and identifying challenges that come your way.

It helps to acknowledge top performers. A company will only recognize excellent employees by reviewing their performance. Performance appraisals will help you to track the success of individual workers and reward them for outstanding contribution towards the success of the business.

It is the solution to employee turnover. When you conduct a successful performance appraisal, employees master the goals, which support the company’s objectives, thus encouraging retention. Whether you are the boss or the employee, you only feel comfortable staying for long at your workstation if the company goals are clear.

Offers legal protection. In case, you want to terminate your employee, you must have evidence, which show his or her redundancy. You can only conclude that an employee offers unsatisfactory performance after a meticulous evaluation. This curbs lawsuits, which could be costly to the organization.

From the above discussion, it is evident that performance reviews are vital for managers, who not only want to excel but also have the desire to motivate and develop their employees.

How to write own performance review using excellent samples

As already mentioned in previous sections of this guide, performance review always sends chilly shivers among most employees. You are likely to find yourself in a monologue, tying to answer the why question.

However, the task becomes more demanding if you are evaluating yourself. Where do you start, what do you include and what do you omit? Besides these questions, you will be confronted with the difficulty of where to find a performance review sample to help you handle the task.

Consider the following sample of a personal performance review before we move to another important section in employee appraisals.

Sample #2 Self-Performance Review

Ever since I joined managerial a year ago, the company has experienced a sharp increase in sales, especially in the last two quarters.

Today, we focus on not only selling the product to our clients but also the idea. My target is that our customers get high quality services that are unmatched in the industry.

I have also created a merchandise position, which never existed. Because of this, the responsibility of receiving shipments, folding, restocking and establishing good relationships with clients is with the employees. I introduced this idea to ensure that sale associates focus on holistic service delivery to customers without distraction.

This performance review example from shows how to do own assessment. If you are to evaluate yourself, bring out the change you have brought to the company, the milestones, bottlenecks and plans.

More tips on finding a performance review sample

The following principles will help you any time you are working on own performance appraisals. You will also need these guidelines before you decide on where to find a performance review sample.

Find out how your boss intends to use the findings. Go ahead and ask your boss how he plans to use the information after the review. You need to know if this will inform making of key decisions or if he will use it as a reference point for promotion. Such information will help you determine the details to give in your review.

Emphasize your achievements. Do not downplay your success. Remind your boss the contribution you have made towards the success of the company.

Acknowledge your mistakes carefully. As you do this, do not create room for your boss to hang you. Use developmental language to capture areas you need to improve, the things you have learned and the way forward.

Remain the focus of your review. Do not talk about your colleagues. You are not reviewing your work mates’ performance. In case there is a serious problem with your co-workers hindering your performance, talk to your boss way before evaluation time.

Here is another good example:

COMPETENCES SCORE (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Commercial judgment
Technical knowledge
Machinery skills
Reporting and administration

Adapted from businessballs.com

With these guidelines, finding a performance review sample should not be a problem. Make this manual your best companion to avoid depression that comes along with performance appraisals.


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