What Makes a Good Dissertation Research Question?

What Makes a Good Dissertation Research Question?

When asked to do a dissertation, you need to have a topic with a specific focus. In short, your dissertation should answer a specific research question. But what if you do not know what a research question is? Let’s shed more light on this question.

A dissertation research question forms the basis of your research. It, therefore, means that you need to find answers to this question in your dissertation. Working on a specific question is important because it narrows down your focus to something manageable and re-searchable.

Formulating the right research question is often not easy for most students. To make the process easier, sample different dissertations written by previous students. Also, ask Google for dissertation research question possibilities. You’ll find plenty of research questions to pursue. Take time to analyze and evaluate questions relevant to your topic. Finally, let your advisor assist you to decide on the most suitable research question.

Once you have a specific dissertation research question, the next step is to find answers. A good dissertation requires extensive research. Actually, the research needed to complete a dissertation is much deeper than that needed for a thesis. It is for this reason that you might find yourself spending months to years sourcing for the right research material.

The process of finding the right answers for a dissertation research question is not easy. You need patience and a lot of time. You will visit different libraries, departments, government institutions, websites, and so on. You will also spend more time analyzing the research collected in a bid to find the most relevant and reliable sources. Always remember to list down your sources including websites and links.

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