What is an Autobiography Template, Samples and how to use them as Reference

The Importance of an Autobiography Template and Samples you can Refer to

What is an Autobiography Template?

An autobiography template is a tool you use as a guide when you want to write a personal biography. The template provides highlights of what you are supposed to include in the biography. It makes it easy to browse through your past and find what aspects in your past and current life are important enough to be included in your autobiography.

While using a template, it is advisable to tweak the autobiography to reflect what is most relevant to you. Writing an autobiography requires skill and experience. Luckily, as long as you have an autobiography template, you never need to worry about writing one. We are going to provide examples of templates you can use and guidelines to writing one.

Basic instructions to writing an autobiography using a template

  • Use the third person point of view while writing your autobiography. This means you will write as if you are talking of someone else. For instance, rather than writing, “I love hiking and mountain climbing”, write “ Jane loves hiking and mountain climbing”
  • The first section of the template should introduce who you are in the briefest way. Whether your autobiography is just one page or several pages, it is completely necessary to introduce yourself. This includes your age (if appropriate) name and your hometown.
  • In the second section state what you do or something you are known for. Keep it simple and short. When using a template to create your autobiography for a specific reason, determine the details you would like to share. This section as well can be used to explain your area of study, occupation, job and position once your reader knows who you are.
  • Briefly, list your achievements by use of bullet points. The autobiography template acts as a guideline, therefore, you can choose as well as pick your achievements from the section later while writing the bio. For a short bio, mention one or just two of your most important achievements while for a longer one, you can go into deeper details.
  • Complete the template by including a personal anecdote or fun fact. As this is the last section of the template, it is your last opportunity to create an impression. Keep in mind information you provide must be audience or reader appropriate.

Samples of an autobiography template

Sample template 1

In the format at creativewriting-prompts.com you start by creating a skeleton of what your autobiography will be by answering the following:

  1. Where you were born and raised…
  2. Some of the wonderful teachings and things you have absorbed…
  3. What your neighborhood was like…
  4. What you always did as a family…
  5. What you middle and high school career was like…
  6. Places you have visited and the effect people you met had on you…
  7. What is your first calling…
  8. What you demonstrate compassion for…
  9. What talent you realized you had
  10. The facts you appreciate


Now that your imagination is already warmed up, you already have a draft of your bio. The next thing you need to do is use logical structure and the following are outlines of how to achieve this:

Outline 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Main body
  • My childhood
  • My study
  • Professional growth and future plans
  • Searches for opportunities
  • The important values I hold
  1. Conclusion

Outline 2

  1. Introduction-Who am I?
  2. Main body-
  3. People who have influenced me
  4. Experiences that contributed to my development
  5. My main weaknesses and strengths
  6. Where I want to be in 5 years
  7. In what ways can I make a difference
  8. Conclusion

Outline 3

  1. Introduction-Can contain factual information such as places, dates and figures
  2. Main body
  1. Personal information such as interpersonal relations, family life and temperament
  2. Professional information like talents, career path, education and occupation
  3. Your life’s views
  1. Conclusion- provide additional information such as your dreams and hobbies

Use these phrases in your autobiography template

Include phrases that will improve the quality of your autobiography. Some of the phrases listed below have been borrowed from some of the best bio examples.

  • A child that is extraordinarily healthy, knowledge-loving, curious or talented
  • Tremendous development effects
  • Particularly hurt or impressed by the incident
  • As stated above
  • From that point on
  • I was set to

Sample template 2

At brighthubeducation.com you find yet another sample autobiography template you can put to use. In this regard, some of the things to consider include:

The format

Just as everyone is unique with different experiences, an autobiography should be a reflection of this. By using a template, you can present your memories in a manner that allows your stories to stand out. Some of the topics to be covered include:

  1. Your birth date
  2. Your heritage
  3. Your education
  4. Your career
  5. Your community and leisure
  6. Your life lessons


This should include your earliest events that influenced your adult life. Whether you start the autobiography from when you were born or a momentous moment in your life, recalling childhood experiences helps jump start your ability to recall events as well as provide deep insights as you further explore your origin.

In this section, you can include:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Mother’s birth date
  • Mother’s place of birth
  • Father’s name
  • Father’s place of birth
  • Father’s birth date
  • Sibling(s) names
  • Sibling(s) birth dates


This refers to your ancestors and the impact they have on who you are and the manner in which you were brought up. By exploration of your family culture, spiritual and religious beliefs, family culture and nationality, you can provide insights into the person you are and the goals you have in life. Information you can include in this section includes your paternal grandfather and grandmother’s birth date and location, the languages they spoke and their nationalities.


This will include the experiences and friendships you have had in school and how they shaped you into being the person you are. When contemplating on your school days, try and recover any accomplishments, memorable events or some of the influential people you met.

Some of the information to include in this section includes the location and names of your grammar school(s), high school(s), locations and names of your post-secondary college(s), university or school(s) and your honors, awards and accomplishments.

Career and Occupations

The start of a career is a memorable occasion for any individual and it can change their life in major ways. Workplace experiences not only shape the person you are but affect numerous areas of your life. In this section, include information such as your first job and the company name, other jobs you have held and job opportunities you would love to try.

Community and Leisure

This refers to how you spend your time and provides enriching experiences that help you change and grow. Whether you love spending time indulging in sports or hobbies with friends or family, how you spend free time is a reflection of your personality and character.

Information to be included in this part of the autobiography template includes your hobbies, the sports you play, names of the associations or clubs you are part of as well as trips you might have taken.

Wisdom and lessons

Regardless of your age, experiences you have had help you grown and learn. Passing such wisdom to others through the autobiography helps them learn your lessons and share a bond with you as they live through your experiences.

Some of the things to include in this section include your most joyous and memorable moments in your life, the tragic or sad times you have experienced, times you felt you made a mistake or you were wrong and a description of a moment when you were proud of yourself.

Go ahead, use an autobiography template

Clearly, the benefits of using an autobiography template are far too many. It is the perfect way to ensure you stay right on track while you write your life story. A format that is well structured will ensure that all vital details are included in the autobiography.

We also recommend you look at some good autobiographies such as “The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography (Oprah’s Book Club), to sharpen your writing skills. More information regarding the bio can be found here at amazon.com.

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