What Is a Character Reference Letter?

What Is a Character Reference Letter?

Do you know what is a character reference letter, and how to write one? A character reference letter also known as personal reference or personal recommendation is a letter that highlights the positive characteristics of a person. It is a letter written by people who know you well and can write about your exceptional character. A character letter can be written by a friend, a teacher, colleague, neighbor or a relative. It can be a person whom you have shared a certain experience.

The person who writes this letter ought to have sufficient understanding of the person in question for the letter to be trustworthy and reliable. For many people who are not well-versed with what a character reference letter is all about, it is wise to remember that this letter can be used in wide assortment of situations. These include;

  • When a person applies for a job, a character reference letter backs this application.
  • When an interviewee is offered a job, a reference letter is essential before the pact can be signed.
  • In case a student is applying for funding, this letter is crucial to back the application.
  • Corporations may use character reference letter as testimony to their ability and also credibility to undertake a job effectively.
  • Hopeful tenants may have to offer their landlord a reference letter so as to credibly testify their monetary status.

 Now that you know what Is a Character Reference Letter see what it entails

Character reference letter may offer a stress-free way to not only get a job, but also presents an easy prospect in non-employment connected pursuits. With the vast populace deprived of employment opportunities, character reference letters have been the last option for many people in their endeavors. Indeed, many employees in diverse fields of work can attest that these letters have helped without a shred of doubt. In case of a job opening, what is a character reference letter is an issue that will linger in many minds. A character letter will give an insight on the aspiring worker’s background and capabilities, hence, it has to be written by the best person and depict its significance.

A character reference letter will act as an endorsement of the inexperienced worker. It will convince the potential employer that the employee can be left under friendly terms and work hard to put the corporation at its best status. The workers qualifications will as well be mentioned in the body of the letter. In addition, former employer’s perception will be incorporated in the letter and also his or her qualities. Evidently, this letter should be well-written and articulated as it plays a great role than any other written piece to be presented.

With all these details on what a character reference letter is and what roles it plays, it is important to keep in mind how to distinguish this letter from other kinds of letters that we may have. To start with, character reference letters are typically;

  • More personalized- They should be custom-made or written by a loyal person who knows you well.
  • It has to be less formal- This letter should not be an official document. The writer should not use a formal tone, but rather a personal format.
  • Should not focus on an economic relation- This letter has to highlight your capabilities and not to act as “report cards”.
  • Ought to be subjective in all details it provides- These letters are personally chosen for enclosure and good traits should go in and the bad subjects stay out.
  • More straightforward- Honesty matters a lot for reference letters to be at their best.

Preparing a character reference letter has never been an easy task for many people. It may take much time for one to create a great piece. In case another person has to prepare a reference letter on your behalf, a few features have to evident in your letter;

  • Written on a white A4 piece of paper
  • Neatly written or typed
  • Has to be dated
  • Present the referee’s name and address on the right hand side
  • Be built around certain traits
  • Be signed and include name of the person

Tips for Writing a Character Reference Letter

It is easy to have an insight of what is a character reference letter if you rely on a number of writing tips. These tips have been embraced by many people to secure good jobs, personally recommend friends as well as workmates and much more. Hence, why not count on them too! Nevertheless, remember that most powerful character reference letters are unreserved as well as subjective. The more the letters are written in profound words the better they will be, and here is how to go about it;

Organize your reference letter

A good character reference letter has the opening, body and closing section. Here you have to expound on who you are and how you know the person you are referring. The body part holds a number of paragraphs where the writer makes a case for a colleague or relative. The writer has to give and describe experiences with the person and present a good character of the person in question. At last, the writer has to emphasize that he or she believes in this friend and undertake the real recommendation.

Construct the letter around certain facets

The writer has to identify the positive attributes of the person. Here, most essential traits are highlighted. It can be built around one or more attributes that easily connect. These attributes include: the person is committed, loyal, devoted, courteous, polite, efficient, economy-minded, a good leader, and much more.

Sell a friend or relative by telling a story

This letter should offer evidence that the opinion on the person is valid. The writer has to recount certain events regarding the person being referred. It ought to tell believable subjective accounts about the person demonstrating positive attributes. Any prejudice may lead to regrets as the person in question may lose a job opening or miss on scholarship funds and much more.

Find the right person to write for

Do not write a reference letter for a person you are not comfortable to recommend. Write for a friend or client you feel comfortable working with or know very well.

A number of people may hold exceptional exposure on how to write a character reference letter for another person, but others are not well-acquainted with the task. For those writing for the first time, many questions may arise, but this should not be a trial with a few tips below;

  • Incorporate the basics- There are core informational points essential in the letter. For instance, include the relationship to the subject of the letter and what readers want to know more about the person you are recommending.
  • Embrace a great format in writing the letter- This letter demands a better format. For a fruitful piece, try to keep it oriented to an exceptional format that readers will fancy. A three-section format can work miracles, where there is an introductory paragraph, the body and a conclusion section that ties the letter together and closes it aptly.
  • Keep the letter positive and short as possible- This letter is not a venue for tying the positive and negative sides of the person, his or her lifestyle or background. It should incline on the positive side always and keep it as brief as imaginable.
  • Edit and proofread the reference letter- Editing and proofreading makes it easy to catch any spelling, grammar as well as punctuation flaws.

Examples That Will Help You Know What Is a Character Reference Letter

Samples offer a great guide on how to write quality and detailed papers. The same case applies when writing a character reference letter. Below are a number of examples to follow and come up with great character reference letters;

Character reference letter for a personal contact


To whom it may concern

I confirm that I have known Mickey Collins for 15 years. Mickey is a friend, neighbor and also a workmate. I have always found him to be dependable, honest, hard-working and also courteous.

I am willing and happy to offer any further details if required to



Moneei Jean

Character reference letter for employment


To whom it may concern

His job entails making sure that work is carried in the best manner and there is no security or health jeopardy to subordinates. He portrayed great technical, managerial, conceptual and human skills. And he is also creativity, good leader, communicator and proactive.

For any assistance, please let me know

Yours faithfully


Dean Morley

From the above examples of reference letters you can learn; a valid date should be included in the letter and it has to be properly addressed. The writer of the first letter has expounded on their relationship and experiences. Whilst in the second letter, the writer has explained more on the qualifications and abilities of the person in question. In both letters, the writers have included final remarks, their names and signature.

With the large number of people looking for jobs, best schools, rental houses, scholarships and much more, understanding what a reference letter entails is a great feat. It’s our hope that now you know what is a character reference letter and the above guidelines will help you write a good character reference letter for someone with out difficulties.





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