Using an Example of a Conclusion to Help you in Writing Good Conclusions With Ease

Importance of Using an Example of a Conclusion to Help you in Writing one

Wondering why you should have an ideal example of a conclusion? Having the right conclusion sample is imperative as it enables you to elaborate the significance of your essay. A conclusion is your last opportunity to convince and persuade target audience to your point of view and impress them as a thinker or a writer. The kind of picture you paint in the mind of target audience plays a significant role in shaping the image that will remain in the mind of readers after reading your essay.

What to look for in an example of a conclusion

An essay conclusion should always convey a sense of closure and completeness as well as lasting possibilities of the subject, its meaning and implications. Most importantly, it should feature the three important parts of a conclusion including

The answer– this is the thesis statement and it should be revisited. Just like the introduction, revisit the thesis statement when concluding your essay. Avoid word repetition but maintain essential keywords. It helps to give the reader an idea of the importance and implications of your findings.

The summary– this part sums up the main points and highlights from the body of the essay or body paragraphs. Being the final part of your essay, reveal connections between major points stated in your paper. Refer to the most significant example of a conclusion, relevant and useful statements from the body of the essay and summarize them. However, avoid repetition of sentences.

The significance– this refers to the relevance and implications of your findings in the essay. A conclusion doesn’t merely summarize the essay but states the implications of the argument, why it is important and issues it raises. Therefore, depending on the length of the essay, describe the significance and in detail to make it effective.

Questions to answer for an effective conclusion in your writing

It is always wise to keep in mind the fact that the conclusion is what the reader remembers best and should be the best part of the essay. As a result, revisit your topic and ask yourself whether the conclusion

  • emphasizes the significance of the thesis statement
  • does it give a sense of completeness to the essay
  • are there any limitations to your approach
  • are there any other relevance issues that affect the topic of your essay but is outside the scope of your research
  • are there any suggestions to make in relevance to future study and
  • does it leave a lasting impression in the mind of the reader

In this relevance, you need to have example of a conclusion suggestions to conclude your paper in style by answering the question ‘’so what’’. This helps you to show your target audience why the essay is important and that your paper is meaningful and useful.

Synthesize your essay conclusion. This means that you should avoid repeating stuff that was in your essay because readers have read it. It is therefore essential to show them how the features you have stated, the support and examples you utilized. Ensure that they were not random but fit together.

Redirect your readers in the conclusion. In this relevance give your target audience something to focus on maybe the way they can apply your essay in real life. If the introduction of your essay from general to specific, ensure the conclusion goes from a specific to general. Learn to think globally.

It is additionally wise to create a new meaning. You do not necessarily have to create a new but learn to create a new picture. This can be achieved by demonstrating how your essay ideas work together.

4 Strategies for writing a good conclusion

Echo the introduction

When writing an essay conclusion, ensure to echo your introduction. This is always a good strategy as it is designed to bring the target audience or reader to the full circle. If you start by describing a scenario and you can use the same scenario in the end as a way of confirming to your reader that your essay was helpful or creating a new understanding.

Challenge the reader

This is an example of a conclusion writing the strategy that you should not ignore. By issuing a challenge to the reader, you are helping them to redirect the details in the paper and they can be applied to their personal lives.

Example: even though serving in a jury is not necessarily a civic duty but also an intriguing an experience, many people still consider the jury responsibility as a chore that interrupts their routines and jobs of their daily lives. However, juries are America’s attempt to be just and free to the society. Therefore, the duty of the jury challenges us to be responsible and interested citizens.

Look to the future

This helps you to emphasize on the significance of your paper and to direct the thoughts through the process. It may also enable them to apply new details to their lives or to see things from a global perspective.

Example: schools are a little bit more than equipment and buildings without specialized or qualified teachers. If careers that are higher paying keep attracting the brightest and best students, there will be shortage of teachers but the available teachers may not have the ideal qualifications. The youth will end up suffering and the future as well.

Pose questions

Posing questions in an example of a conclusion is significant and this can be in general or to your reader. This enables your readers to achieve a new perspective on the topic they may not be familiar with. It also brings your main ideas together by creating a sense of a new meaning.

Example: Campaign advertisements should enable us to have an idea of the qualifications of the reader and positions on the issues. As opposed many people often tell when the knave opposing candidate is or present the candidate’s general images as a God fearing person or a family person. Adverts also contribute to ensuring the people are informed and choose the leaders in an easy way.

Examples of a conclusion

With an example of a conclusion in mind it is essential to have an idea of the type of conclusion you wish to have for your essay. This is because not all types of conclusions or leads will work best for your essay, or for every writer. Hence, there is need to experiment on the type of conclusion, and have at least three sentences in the conclusion whatever the type of conclusion you are working on.

Question: this is a conclusion that ends with a question and involves the reader. You can leave the question for the reader to answer or you can answer it but ensure it relates to the main essay idea.

Personal comment conclusion: this is ending your essay with a personal response or a comment based on what you have written. It is a personal conclusion and not an opinion. It is also based on a lesson you have learnt or the experience you wrote in your essay.

Summary: you can also conclude with a summary of main ideas. Even so, do not repeat word by word. Avoid insulting the target audience or reader by making comments such as ‘I wrote about….’’. This is because the reader is always smart enough to understand what he or she has read.

Other types of conclusions include ending with a mystery, starting a new story, making a quotation of a famous story, example of a conclusion quotation from a person who is not famous and writing an open conclusion.

Examples of essay conclusion

Example 1

Essay topic: Criminology

The conflict theory’s main argument is that powerful individuals exert a lot of influence when it comes to policy and decision making. As a result, it determines the kind of behavior that becomes deviant or criminal. Therefore, a behavior is considered deviant or a crime when it conflicts the interests of the ruling class. Individuals who do not adhere to the laws of behavior are termed deviant and are seen as a threat to the ruling class and must be dealt with accordingly. (click on the link to find this essay conclusion on criminology.

Example 2…

Essay topic: Bullying in Schools

A kid’s growth is affected undesirably by bullying. A target will display low self-esteem because bullying affects his or her cognitive development. As discussed in the paper, it is more likely that the vice is the biggest protection issue in the states. Research figures reveal that about 30 percent of schools going children have been bullied. The number of affected individuals is therefore extremely high bearing in mind that that are more than 52 million of such pupils attending different schools. Therefore, it is essential that all schools should design an anti-bullying strategy to discourage and punish bullies as expounded in this paper.

To read the full essay featured above find it here; bullying in schools.

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