US Government Coursework Work Paper on Planned Parenthood v. Casey

Planned Parenthood v. Casey

As provided in the updated constitutional requirements all the regulations with regard to abortion and the restrictions therein must be met. The requirements outline presents the facts on whether the burden of proof is determined by restricting the woman in performing an abortion. As an institution mandated with ensuring that people coexist with safety, much caution should be taken to ensure that right choices are made by the victims. Fundamentally convincing the individual to consider childbearing compared to abortion. 

Promotion of the health for each individual in the society more specifically expectant women since we have more than one life involved. The need to continue the procreation cycle cannot be underrated since it is each and everyone’s duty to undertake, performing an abortion will be against the human practices as it puts people in danger in the first place. The provisions that couples should agree collaboratively when a woman wants to perform an abortion and parents be the witnesses for minors who might find themselves in these compromising situations, might be of help but not a long lasting solution.

Contrary to the ruling in a case involving Roe and wade, the Casey case is based on the rules set up that require people who are planning to have an abortion to have consent of admission that is a great distance away from where the clinic or health facility is based. The abidance of the FDA protocols by patients is also fundamental and the total ban of abortions after twenty weeks. More vital of all these requirements is the safety and protection of the women who may be seeking abortion services. Physicians and health care providers are also mandated with providing remarkable services as conveyed in the Fifth Circuit.