Urban Studies Essay on Uttering Ignorance about Inequality

Uttering Ignorance about Inequality

The Article by David Brook (2014), elaborates on the reasons to believe that  social problems of poverty just like any the problem is an attribute of social inequality, and several of such social injustices remain fundamentally distinct than one could ever have thought. The article recognizes the fact that every individual struggles to get to the top socially and economically, emerging in the clusters of middle class with significantly reduced purchasing power, which can never withstand the changes in economic growth. Those in the middle class experiences disequilibrium not only in their economic lives but also in their social connections. The main differentiating factors to mention here include mothers surging into extraneous jobs, employees being exposed to longer working hours while children are exposed to early employments at the lowest wage rate. The above conditions continue to produce inevitable results like higher employees turnover, fewer jobs to the existing population and slow economic and social growth.

The economic conditions of slow growth and reducing jobs continue to affect the poor people in the society. In order to create balance between the few jobs and the rising population, managers tend to respond by firing at instant the poor and giving a late hiring response, and at the lowest wage rate.

David raises another argument that when the middle class is distress, there are little concerns for those in need. At such a level of despair, the middle class does not want to associate with the poor since the financial position of the middle class is highly insecure. This is one of the characteristics shown by majority of African countries, and the increasing level of poverty is due to trickling conditions of few jobs, rising human population and smaller paychecks and unequally distributed political powers.    

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