Urban Studies Dissertation Chapter Paper on Discussion pup 465 #4 (Mohammed)

Discussion pup 465 #4 (Mohammed)

            Kunstler’s “too much magic” provides some thoughtful information concerning the direction that the universe is taking economically, technologically and politically among others. Technologically, I agree with his thought that today’s contemporary society is seemingly too much reliant on technology. Most individuals in this era prefer technologically driven mechanisms even to perform very light duties. For example, people use washing machines to clean very simple garments that can be manually done. In addition, I also agree with his thoughts on the direction of cities. The idea of still building suburban houses should stop. This also involves the so called suburban lifestyle. As such, there should be urbanization with equality in terms of both husbands and wives going to work.

            On the other hand, I disagree on Kunstler’s political and technological thoughts. Politically, I disagree that governments will no longer exist and lawlessness will prevail. Today, democracy is being embraced even in developing and less developed countries like Africa. As such, we would see more law abiding democratic system. Technologically, I disagree that it is destroying our planet. Technology is attributed energy innovations from natural sources like the sun, wind and bio-fossils. As such, I believe technology will lead to making peoples’ lives well through innovation of resources.


            I agree that urbanization is the direction that suburban projects should take. With urbanization, residents from suburbs and cities would be able to share resources. This would save on costs such as those of transport when suburbs are combined with cities. As such, people would be able to walk to work. Additionally, I agree that technology does not wreck the planet since it is responsible for innovations such as those of wind and solar energies. Furthermore, I also agree that overpopulation leads to resource depletion.