Types of Creative Writing

Types of Creative Writing

There are different types of creative writing when writing creative writing books, all determined by different factors. The first of the factors is the organization of the message to be relayed. For instance, the story may be put in prose, while a poem follows a different format/structure. Another determining factor is the type of audience. Let us discuss a number of types of creative writing in a creative writing program.

Knowing the type of creative writing and how to do it is important because it is the first step towards the proper organization of your ideas in the work. In addition, it is the first step towards meeting obligations according to the lecturer’s instructions.

In some cases, however, lecturers may require you to select a matter to discuss, as well as the type of creative writing. This gives you the freedom to choose what you really want. Make sure you read extensively about how to excel in each of the types of creative writing, as it is essential to scoring top grades in academics.

Poetry: poems are also of different types, including contemporary and modern. Others are traditional poems. In writing a poem, one organizes ideas in verses and stanzas. In addition, a poet may not choose to plainly tell the story. In fact, there is a lot of use of imagery, metaphor, and similes in poetry creative writing.

Fiction: A fiction is a story made up by an author, and not real life. It comprises a setting, which is the surroundings or circumstances under which events unfold. It also comprises characters, who are the actors or people interacting in the story. The story itself is a plot and there should be conflict inside the story.

Fiction is also subdivided into various parts, including short stories, novella, genre, and creative fiction. You can ask a professional creative writing agency to do the work for you, in case you do not have adequate time for the same.