Tips to Help With Thesis Statement Writing

Tips to Help with Thesis Statement Writing

Why you need help with thesis statement writing

Are you supposed to write a paper yet you are completely lost on how to write the thesis? At first, it might appear confusing but this should not be the case. Thesis statements are in fact, easy to create so long as you get reliable help with thesis statement writing.

A thesis statement that is effective is supposed to state the purpose of your paper, structure, control and assert the position you take. If you lack a thesis statement that is sound, your argument will sound weak, lack in direction and it will not capture the interest of the reader.

First things first, what is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement refers to the controlling idea of your paper. It is expressed in one or two sentences that usually appear towards the end of the introduction paragraph. To write a thesis statement, the first thing you need to do is narrow down your subject. This statement plays 4 major functions which include:

  • Limiting your paper’s topic to a single idea (topic)
  • Asserts something significant and specific regarding your topic
  • Conveys the purpose of your writing
  • Often names subdivisions of your topic

Tips that will help with thesis statement writing

Though you might already have a topic for your essay, chances are you might be at a loss on how to write your thesis statement. Bear in mind the thesis statement is supposed to act as your guide in the process of writing. As such, it needs to be clear and strong. Precisely for this reason, seeking help with thesis statement writing is a smart move. Some of the things you need to consider while working on thesis include:

  • Research the topic well so as to establish the type and quantity of information that is available regarding the topic. While you will carry out more in-depth research later, it is crucial to make sure you have the topic overview before you start drafting your thesis statement.
  • Take a couple of minutes to write what you know regarding your topic and include research already carried out.
  • Think of trends in research and questions you might have regarding the topic.
  • Go back to the written work and underline ideas that can form good thesis statement.
  • Make the minor points you want to include in the statement and connect them by use of sentence combining.

By simply following these guidelines on help with thesis statement, it is possible for you to craft an excellent thesis statement.

How to go about your thesis

Often, the thesis result from lengthy process of thinking. The first thing you are supposed to do after reading your assignment is not to formulate a thesis but rather, to collect, then organize evidence before developing your argument, look for relationships between known facts and think of how significant the relationships are. Once through with this, you will likely have an excellent ‘working thesis’.

You should as well determine whether you have formulated a strong thesis statement by asking yourself questions such as these:

  • Have you answered the question? – Once you have constructed the working thesis, re-reading your question prompt can help determine whether you have fully answered the question.
  • Have you assumed a position that can be opposed or challenged by others?- If you have formulated a thesis that no one could or even would disagree with, it is very likely you have just provided a summary and not made an argument.
  • Is your thesis statement specific?-Vague thesis statements often lack strong argument. If you have a thesis that contains words such as “successful” or “good” see whether you could be more specific.
  • Does the thesis statement pass the test of “so what”? – If the first response your statement arouses from your reader is “so what?” you must clarify it or alternatively connect to an issue that is larger.
  • Does the essay support the thesis without wandering?-If the body and thesis of your paper do not work together, one must change. It is okay for you to change the working thesis to make it a reflection of things you identified while writing the paper. Always remember to revise and reassess the paper whenever necessary.
  • Does the thesis pass the test of “why and how?”-If the first response a reader has upon reading your thesis is “why and how”, your thesis might be open ended and lacking guidance for your reader. See what could be added in order to ensure the reader gets a better take on the position you have taken from the start.

When seeking help with thesis statement, take into consideration the essay on the Holocaust. The thesis statement “Jews across Europe were being victimized insensitively and this caused deaths of over 6,000 million Jews. Over 3,000 communities of the Jews were also destroyed (Wood 1).” This thesis statement is ideal as it provides facts regarding the effects of the Holocaust and how it affected the Jews.

Examples of thesis statement

To ensure you get the best help with thesis statement and you are able to formulate a thesis on your own, take into consideration these examples.

  • Avoid general thesis statements

Bad Example:

“People should stay healthy for numerous important reasons”-This is a bad thesis as it makes it barely possible to write an entire essay on the same. Such a thesis statement can barely scrape the surface.

Good Example:

“Students have to get enough sleep during the night so as to enjoy success in school”-This is a good thesis example.

  • Do not be too specific

Bad Example:

In “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone”, the last move by Ron in the chess game is parallel to the defense he assumed of Harry in Book 7.-This is a very specific thesis. Writing a paper on this would be difficult since all you would manage to write is a short paragraph that defends the statement.

Good Example:

To revise the example above, you should pay focus on the match as a whole:

“In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, “the chess game equals the struggle noted between Voldemort and Harry through the entire series.

While writing your thesis statement, it is crucial to ensure it is not written in a passive manner or as negative statements for instance, “teachers cannot teach well in school because…” You should be in a position to support the thesis statement you craft through observation and research. More importantly, the thesis should sum the main points in your essay.

More tips that will help with thesis statement writing

While writing your thesis statement, there are two additional things you need to bear in mind. These will not only help with thesis statement writing but also ensure that you perfectly capture your papers topic.

  • Your thesis statement should make an argument or claim. It is not a statement of fact. This means your thesis statement should not be indisputable.
  • A thesis statement is not a mere opinion statement. You are supposed to make a claim and avoid writing statements that pass off as opinion. Note the statement you write should be able to elicit an argument. At the same time, the thesis statement is supposed to offer the reader information and be corroborated by evidence.

To conclude, the thesis statement you come up with should make it clear to your reader what your argument is. It should be able to provide the reader with indications of why the argument you are making is a persuasive one.

Knowing where the thesis statement needs to be placed is also important when seeking help with thesis statement. Because of the role played by a thesis statement, it is found either in the introduction or towards the end of first paragraph. The location of the thesis is dependent on a couple of factors such as the length of the introduction or the length of the paper.

Always write a preliminary thesis as it will set you on the appropriate track and also force you to develop and think of your ideas further as well as clarify the content of your paper. With a well written thesis, it is easy for you to think of your paper in a concise, logical and clear manner.

Here is a good example of a thesis from the essay on Top Priorities for the Government to Focus On.

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