Tips to Choosing the Best Autobiography Template

Tips to Choosing the Best Autobiography Template

Here are some great tips to choosing the best autobiography template

By relying on these tips to choosing the best autobiography template, you can get started on the right path to writing your autobiography. An autobiography template is a tool that makes writing an autobiography easy by providing an outline of what needs to be included in one.

An autobiography provides an account of your life and is one of the best ways of sharing who really are with the rest of your world. Majority of people find the process of writing an autobiography to be complex and difficult to comprehend. However, if you use a template, the entire process becomes easier.

There are numerous templates for you to choose from and while this is the case, not all suit you. Therefore, it is crucial to look at tips to choosing the best autobiography template so as to make informed choices.

Tips to choosing the best autobiography template

Tip 1: Understand the work entailed

When making a decision on the kind of template to use, the first thing you need to do is by reading great autobiographies that have already been printed. For instance Nelson Mandela, Benjamin Franklin, Maya Angelou, Billy Graham and Katherine Hepburn wrote great autobiographies which to-date are read by people throughout the globe.

Stories of religious leaders, railroad workers, sports figures and singers as well as ordinary people can be a form of inspiration. Reading different writing styles also gives you a better feel of how you can write a story that suits your life. By understanding what is required of you in the writing process, you are better placed to pick the right template.

Tip 2: Understand your audience

This is one of the most important tips to choosing the best autobiography template. You want to write an autobiography that will speak to your readers and keep them intrigued. As indicated in here your readers determine the kind of autobiography you write, consequently, the template you use. For instance, if you are writing for grandchildren, your tone and word choices will be different than if you were writing for the public.

Writing an autobiography for members of the family requires less details while describing familiar people and settings. Rather than just provide your own perspective and memories on events, try include interesting anecdotes and facts family members are not aware of.

Individuals outside your group of family and friends will require a picture that is more grasp in characters and settings of the story. You can make the decision to use a template that provides a timeline of your life. This will include some important events and dates. It will also provide a structure upon which you can build your autobiography.

Some of the important considerations you need to consider while picking your template include:

  • The autobiography should not necessarily start with your birth. It might include family history as well. Write information regarding your ancestry, lives of your grandparents and where they come from etc. Such information can help your readers get a feel of who you are.
  • Highlight things that happened in the past and how they affected your decisions.
  • State where you went to college as well as the transitory years.
  • Write regarding your children, relationships, career as well as any life altering events that might have taken place.

Having an understanding of what you want included in the autobiography can help you make an informed choice on the kind of template to use. At this page, you will get more information on how to write your autobiography.

Tip 3: Determine your core concept

Also in tips to choosing the best autobiography template, you must have a central notion that will unify your entire story. Some themes that are inspiring include persevering love, overcoming odds, shift from rags to riches as well as lessons learned over time. If these are aspects you want to share in your autobiography, make sure the template you choose highlights the same. This will make it easy for you to expound on them without wasting too much effort and time.

Note that you must identify the main characters in your autobiography and this could be either foes or friends. Look beyond family to see people who have impacted your life and who need to feature in your autobiography. Consequently, the template needs to highlight:

  • Coaches, bosses, teachers and mentors who have influenced your life. Establish whether you want to include an influential individual in your story
  • Establish whether you want your ex-girlfriends or boyfriends co-starring in interesting stories
  • Determine whether you want to include any conflict in your autobiography to make it more interesting and less boring.

Being able to tell what to include in your autobiography is crucial since it ensure you pick the perfect template to work with. As part of tips to choosing the best autobiography template, always make sure the template is a reflection of who are and the accomplishments you have made so far.

Tip 3-Determine the stories to include

Among tips to choosing the best autobiography template we offer, we suggest you first make a decision on the stories to share. You should pick the best stories. This means making some tough decisions regarding the anecdotes to include.

Start by drafting the manuscript to see how the picture will be woven out. Consider settling for a template that highlights the following topics as readers find them to be most interesting:

  • Your childhood story-Whether you had a traumatic or happy childhood, include a couple of anecdotes that provide a picture of your experiences at that time and who you were. Beak the story down into small anecdotes illustrating your personality. It is crucial to use the highest level of creativity.
  • Coming of age-This is often a sensual and heady period in the life of any person. Bear in mind it is not about something unique as everyone becomes of age but rather, writing something that can resonate with your readers.
  • Falling in-love story-This can also be the opposite if you are yet to find love.
  • Identity crisis-This often arises between the ages of 30 to 40. In some instances, it is known as mid-life crisis.
  • Story of challenges-You can also decide to share the story of challenges you have overcome so far whether it is an addiction, control by a loved one or a madman who attempted to kill you, share the conflicts you have experienced.

Tip 4-Length of your autobiography

As part of tips to choosing the best autobiography template, always make sure you know the length of your autobiography. Bear in mind that an outline is supposed to act as a guidance tool. Therefore, if you pick one that is too long or diverse, chances are you will get lost along the way.

Take time to look at and evaluate the points highlighted in a template and determine whether it is the same information that you intend to share. Once you have established this, make a decision on whether or not to use the template.

While at it, it is ideal to note you do not have to be explicit while writing an autobiography. What you need to do is reveal some truth regarding yourself and your life. It should not also be a list of accomplishment that is devoid of negative material and failure. You need to keep your readers hooked in and the only way to accomplish this is by picking a template that allows you to accomplish this. Consider whether the template:

  • Only casts you in a positive light-This is not ideal, you have shortcomings as well and it is ideal to reveal the times you have failed as well as the people you have disappointed.
  • Allows you to reveal inner thoughts. You should share your ideas and opinion including those sparking controversy. Pick a template that allows you to be true and one that keeps your readers roped in.

The importance of having tips to choosing the best autobiography template

Writing an autobiography is not child’s play. It requires an organized mind and individual with the ability to present their thoughts in a clear and straight forward manner. We have the expertise and knowledge that is needed to ensure you deliver the perfect autobiography.

Contact us today and we will share with you some of the tips to choosing the best autobiography template. With so many options for you to choose from, it is easy to get lost in the maze. We can ease things for you by first, understanding the story you want to share and the level of privacy you need.

From there, it becomes easy to write an ideal autobiography that reflects your personality, character and strengths. You can also gather more information regarding writing from to help you decide the template to use.

We hope by following the above guidelines, you will be able to choose the best autobiography template to use.


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