Tips on Writing a Targeted CV

Tips on Writing a Targeted CV

A targeted CV is customized to specifically emphasize what you have done in terms of experience relevant to the job you are applying for. Writing a targeted CV or resume takes much longer than writing any other, but it’s worth every effort. It’s a perfect format, especially if applying for jobs that fit perfectly into your qualifications.

How to target your CV

If you have a draft of your CV, the easiest way to target it without rewriting is to include a short summary of Qualifications and Achievements at the top of the CV. Pick credentials, experience and achievements that fit the job description. List your working experiences in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent.

Another option to writing a targeted CV is to edit it so that skills and experience closely match the job description. It’s always advisable to use keywords used in the job description in your CV. Most recruiters underline certain words when going through CVs to determine whether the applicant suits the job profile.

To help you write a good targeted CV, have a look at samples provided freely on the internet. Look at how the writer highlighted his/her experiences and skills relevant to the job description. It’s good to get a feel of the presentation to help guide you in writing your own.

However, do not use the sample for your own CV.  Find a way to make your CV as original and unique as possible. Do not copy what the writer has done, because the sample is available freely and chances are that it has been circulated to thousands.

Besides writing a targeted CV, you can also have your cover letter targeted. You’ll need to target your cover letter the same way as your CV. Again, highlight your experience and skills relevant to the job.