Tips on How to Write an Essay

 Tips on How to Write an Essay

Reading these tips on how to write an essay will enable you to easily master the art of writing essay papers on various subjects. The way your essay paper is written always shows something unique about you that may not sometimes be revealed by grades. Thus, it is important that you know how to always deliver good essay papers.

An essay is a scholarly piece of writing that portrays the argument of an author. Tips basically refer to guidelines or pieces of advice on some of the things to consider when writing the piece. With the guidelines, you can easily know how to write essays on your own even without the need for assistance. A well written essay will tell the audience about your writing skills and personality, attributes which are key to success.

Although some students may consider reading these tips on how to write an essay as time consuming, it comes with greater benefits. One of them is that they will educate you on what to include and avoid when writing essays. Besides, the tips will also show you some tricks that can be applied in essay writing so as to deliver top notch papers.

Knowing how to write high quality essays will further enable you to make significant progress in assignment and term papers results. These tips on how to write an essay will help you improvement your academic performance.

Tips on how to write an essay paper; Points to consider

Writing an essay paper is more like telling a story about a subject, event or something else to an audience. However, there is always a reason for writing an essay and that is where you should mainly emphasize on.

In order for you to easily master the art of crafting standard essay papers, carefully read the following tips on how to write an essay

Understand the essay question

Before you begin planning on how to write an essay paper, it is advisable that you first read and understand the question. It is only then that you will be able to know what is expected of you in the paper.

As you read the question, do remember to highlight the keywords or main phrases used therein. Besides, you can also refer to the dictionary in order to find meanings of words that you are unfamiliar with.

Identify the words that indicate what is required of you in writing the essay like ‘explain,’ ‘compare,’ ‘contrast’ among others.

It is also important that you establish the topic words or phrases that have been used to describe the subject of the essay in the question.

You should also take note of any limitations or restrictions on how the discussion should be framed in the essay. These may include the total word count, number of paragraphs among others.

In case you have problems in understanding the question, ask your instructor or tutor for proper clarification.

Do your research on the subject

Although there are some subjects that are often regarded as simple and quite easy to work on, do not rush into writing an essay paper without doing proper research. Writing an essay requires you to table a logical argument that readers can comprehend.

In order to make the research less hectic, try to narrow down your research to the specific requirements of the paper. However, this should not hinder you from exploring the different angles of a subject.

While doing the research, also take notes on the outstanding points that could make your essay to be compelling. At this stage, try to collect a variety of ideas in order to have a wide range of choices when it comes to formulating the main claim.

In order to acquire sufficient information for the paper, you can do the research from both primary and secondary sources. While doing this, ensure that you write down the sources of your information for easy reference during writing.

Create a thesis

Thesis is the central argument of your essay and plays an important role of informing the readers about the purpose of the paper. In fact, it is the main idea that you will be looking towards defending or proving in the essay.

A good thesis should encapsulate the response to the question (s) asked in the assignment or paper. Do not simply come up with a common argument that many people are familiar with, instead, look for a unique perspective of the subject to address.

Take time to brainstorm on different ideas, looking into their relationships with regards to the question of the paper.

When choosing a thesis for your essay, be sure that it is a claim which you are able to comprehensively explain to conclusion in the paper.

The thesis is the backbone of the essay and requires more than just proper thought. Try to be creative and subjective in order to formulate a good one.

Organize your points

After creating the thesis, you should then collect the points that you think can be used to effectively support that claim.

Put the idea in a logical sequence, the way they will be discussed in the essay. Every point that you choose to use should be relevant to the question and supportive of the thesis.

The plan should clearly indicate the direction of your discussion from the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion of the paper.

Writing the paper

An essay paper is generally comprised of three parts; introduction, body and conclusion. Each of these parts play a particular role in the paper and have to be vividly brought out.

The following are additional tips on how to write an essay paper


Begin writing the essay by giving readers general information about the subject of discussion. However, it has to be presented in way that will hook readers to the piece. This can be achieved by revealing an important information or statistics about the subject, using an anecdote, posing a question.

The introduction should also bear the thesis and indicate how you intend to answer the questions of the paper.

Body paragraphs

Be creative in writing the body paragraphs in order to engage the readers. Use a different paragraph for every new idea used in supporting the thesis. In order to make the argument convincing, have two or more supporting evidence for every point.

Every paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that links the statements expressed therein to the rest of the essay.

While writing the paper, it is important to carefully use transitional words so that the discussion flows smoothly to the end.


On the last part of the essay, revisit the thesis and a precise summary of the argument in the essay. Besides, you should also give proof for your thesis. Tie up any lose ends and bring the discussion to a fine close, leaving readers with something to think about.

Tips on how to write an essay; Sample essay papers to refer to

Reading sample essay papers is also another ideal way through which you can master the art of crafting top notch essays. The following are samples to refer to when writing your own essay paper.

Example 1

Sample Essay on Role of MNCs in Indian Economy

‘’MNCs refer to enterprises that operate in several countries but are managed from one home country. Every year, there are hundreds of MNCs finding their way into the Indian market. These enterprises have played a key role in contributing towards the economy of the nation. Some of the primary reasons behind the ever increasing number of MNCs in the country is as highlighted below…’’ Read the rest of this sample essay paper here.

Example 2

Sample Essay on Economic Factors that Affect the Stock Market

‘’There are many economic factors affecting the stock market. Every investor has to be aware of these factors before making a decision to invest in stock market. These are the main factors that make a stock market volatile. They also dictate the fall or rise of stock prices in the market. Some of these factors affect the prices of stocks indirectly while others directly…’’ click here to read the whole sample.

Example 3

Sample Essay on the Role of NGOs in Development of Rural Entrepreneurship

‘’Starting an entrepreneurship in the rural areas is not an easy task. There are several aspects that need to be factored in like, where to acquire capital from, how to attract and retain customers as well as practices to be followed. Precisely for this reason, NGOs play an important role in development of rural entrepreneurship.

Unemployment of underemployment in the rural areas leads to an influx of people in the cities as they look for new jobs. NGOs committed to rural development act as catalyst and offer the local opportunities that increase or guarantee chances of growth…’’ Read the whole sample here.

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