Tips on How to Write a Letter Address

Tips on How to Write a Letter Address

Are you wondering how to write a letter address? A letter address is probably one of the most important elements of a formal written communication. It identifies the sender and the receiver of the letter. While informal letters may lack an address, it is vital for business letters.

In most cases, the recipient’s address bears his or her name or the name of the company. This emphasizes that you are sure of the rightful receiver of the message. Besides the name, a standard address also has the city, the ZIP and the postal code.

Steps on How to Write a Letter Address on the Envelope

The address on the envelope ensures that the letter gets to the right recipient. Here is what to have in mind when mastering the art of how to write a letter address:

Be Clear: The address should legible. Use clear fronts like Times New Romans and avoid calligraphic styles.

Be Accurate: Ensure the ZIP code and the city are correct since the letter will be delivered to the destination indicated on the envelope. If you give wrong information, be assured not to receive any feedback, as your letter will not reach the intended recipient.

Observe Correct spelling: Always address letters with correct names of the recipient. An envelope is part of your letter and the information it bears could have negative effects. If an envelope has a wrongly spelt, name of the recipient but with correct street and ZIP code, it will reach the receiver. However, this would show how careless you are with facts.

Besides having a higher risk of getting lost, incorrectly addressed letters pose a challenge in sorting since letters are dispatched according to the addresses of the recipients. This may result into delayed delivery as the postmaster tries to correct the error.

Some machines, which sort letters detect handwriting and work best with neat writings. Thus, address the envelope in a presentable way.

What to Avoid When Writing a Letter Address to make it accurate

Writing a letter address can be fun and confusing. To write a good letter address, avoid the following common mistakes:

No name: By leaving out the name, but with correct destination, a wrong person may open the letter. This is risky when you are conveying confidential and sensitive information. Always have full names of the recipient. You may consider having their title as part of the address in case you do not know his or her name.

No Physical location: A good address should have the street name and if possible the house number. This makes easy for the postal official to deliver the letter. Counter check your address to ensure that you are as accurate as possible. Also, include the suburb and estate in capital letters.

Missing postal code: Postal codes provide a unique way of identifying postal offices. These codes could help to deliver your handwritten letter to the correct officer for collection. Letters bearing no ZIP codes stand a higher chance of getting lost.

No postage stamp: – Postal services are never free. Make sure you know the charges. Stick the postage stamp on the top corner of your envelope, mostly to the right. Use a genuine stamp to avoid disappointments.

133 First Road (Writer’s address)

New Pope Town, IL 1325


June 16, 2015 – (Date)


Everest Howard (Recipient’s address)

1235 Weston Lab Lane

New York City, NY 156

This sample captures details to include when addressing your letters


Here is a guide to follow when writing a Letter Address

When addressing your letter, expect anything. Ask yourself what will happen to your letter if it is not delivered to addressee. Include the return address of the envelope in case the postmaster is unable to deliver the letter to the destination. This is also useful whenever your letter is delivered to a wrong person.

A letter can accidentally be delivered to a wrong person if the recipient moved from the house or estate without your knowledge. Thus, make inquiries before sending the letter. The return address will ensure that you get back the letter and make necessary changes before resending the letter.

Having a grip of how to write a letter address is important because it helps you to know what to write on the envelope when addressing a return letter. The return address should take up minimal space on the front of the envelope and should not override the original address.

Here are the elements of a return address:

  • Your name
  • Your street address
  • Your suburb and state
  • Your postcode

The address in this letter captures key elements to include in an address, including physical location, name of the company and telephone.

Chicago Office

The Complains Department

Fly Emirates

Telephone: +1-954-745-0380

The accuracy of your address determines whether the message gets to correct person or not. While this is the case, most people do not care about the right way of writing addresses. Does it mean that you did it right if your letter gets to the correct destination? This is not always the case!

A correct address affirms your level of professionalism. How do you apply for a job in a company you have no idea of its postal address? How do you seek admission in a college or university, which you cannot spell out its name? This is ridiculous and unprofessional. It presents you as a less serious candidate and most probably not the best for the position you may have applied. Do not just address a letter. Do it correctly!

How to Write a Letter Address with accurate details

Figure out how to write a letter address every time you are sending letters to recipients in different countries. It is important to remember that countries have varying formats of addressing letters. Familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts of different to avoid upsetting the recipient who could be your potential employer.

Recipient’s name: This should appear on the first line. Remember to use the official name of the recipient. For instance, if the addressee prefers some letter of anonymity in their name, then go ahead and include i.e. ‘J. Smith’ instead of ‘Jerry Smith’. Use the correct title. You may however ignore this for close friends and family members.

Care of someone else. This is optional and advisable when sending a letter to someone who does not reside in a given place regularly. Insert a ‘care of’ or ‘courtesy of’ line immediately after the name. Indicate ‘c/o’ of someone who lives in the estate is reliable.

Street address: Recipient’s physical location is important when writing a letter address. The street number or post office number comes on the second line. For street addresses, include directional notations like 500 West and not just 500. You may also include the house number. Also, use correct abbreviations like blvd for boulevard, dr for drive, ctr for center etc. Omit the street address if you are using PO BOX to address your letter since the postal services will locate it using ZIP code.

City, State and Code: Abbreviate the State with two letters like TX for Texas, NY for New York and IL for Illinois. Do not spell it out. It is acceptable to use a 9-figure digit ZIP code or a five-digit one.

Mailing outside: In case you are sending your letter from outside America, indicate ‘United States’ on the address. Remember to adjust the format by indicating the city and the State on the same line.

How to write a Letter Address and ensure it has all the elements

Addressee’s name: The name of the recipient should come on the first line of the address on the envelope. You may ignore titles for people you relate with closely like family and friends. However, use the correct title for government organizations, professors or doctors. This could also be the name of the organization.

Address number and street. This should come on the second line. The number should come first then the street i.e. 10 Downing St

City or town: Indicate this on the third line. E.g. London

Name of country: This should appear on the fourth line. You do not need to indicate if you are sending your letter to London. However, it becomes important when sending letters to rural places. You may also include any other principal subdivisions like the state, province, etc.

The postal code appears on the last line of the address, i.e. SWIA 2AA.

In case you are sending your letter from outside Great Britain, remember to include ‘United Kingdom’ or ‘UK’ on the very last line.

Sample letter showing how to write a letter address:

15 Pilgrim Way

Theodore, VA 5552

Virginia Adair                                    your address

(133) 5688


Friday, July 10, 2015


Mr. Joachim Edwards

Brook house Resort                                Receiver’s address

1500 Brook House Drive

Riverside, NC3000

Dear Sir (this is the salutation)

This is to confirm that I have received 500 kilograms of flowers as we earlier agreed.

I am arranging for the final payment, which should be in less than seven days.

Looking forward to continuous business engagement.




Helen Markel


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