Thesis Statement Examples

Thesis Statement Examples

Reading thesis statement examples is usually recommended for those who want to know how to craft thesis statements for academic papers. The examples are typical thesis statements that have been written in the past and can vividly show you how a good thesis statement should be framed. Red on to find out more about the importance of using thesis statement examples and also where to get the best for your own reference.

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is the main claim or argument in a paper. It refers to the key point that you intend to explain in the paper. However, it should present a claim that is disputable or can be discussed. Thesis statements are written for essays, dissertations, research papers, reports among other academic papers.

A thesis statement tells the readers about the specific argument that you intend to defend in the paper. In fact, it is thesis statement that you will be looking to prove in the paper. Besides, it also tells the audience how you plan to interpret the significance of your topic or subject.

The thesis plays a central role in the paper by telling readers what to expect or the context of the discussion presented in the paper. Besides, it also indicates the relationships between the pieces of evidence that you will use in supporting your claim.

It should always come in the introductory part of the paper. However, you should note that the thesis is usually written towards the end of the introduction. This implies it links the introduction to the rest of the paper.

Thesis statement examples illustrate how a typical thesis statement should be written. In fact, you can simply know how to write thesis statements for different academic papers by simply looking at samples. However, it has to be noted that you have to refer to well written examples in order to effectively master the art of crafting outstanding thesis statements.

How to use thesis statement examples

Samples of thesis statements are created for reference to guide you on the various aspects that should be addressed during writing. This implies, you should never use the examples word for word or simply copy the contents to your paper.

Copying a thesis statement from another source to use in your paper is prohibited since that would amount to plagiarism. However, you can borrow the ideas expressed in thesis statement examples to make your work much better. In case you use any part of the example in your paper, make sure that it is properly referenced according to the required style.

As you refer to thesis statement samples, always note that various kinds of papers require a different style of writing for thesis statements. Therefore, it is important that you first establish the type of paper from where the sample is obtained.

For argumentative papers, the thesis statements are usually written in the form of an opinion, policy proposal, interpretation or evaluation.

In the case of analytical essays, the thesis presents a breakdown of ideas, their evaluation and then explain them to the audience.

An expository essay paper is crafted with a thesis statement that is aimed at explaining an idea to the audience.

Although the thesis statements may be written differently, you should note that its role still remains the same in all academic papers.

Take some time to study the paper with the sample thesis statement in order to determine the class under which it falls. This is important since it will enable you to know how the thesis for different papers should be crafted.

As you will find out from the examples, thesis statements are supposed to be very precise and only reveal your claim and how you plan to defend it in the paper. Although you may find that some thesis statements are a bit longer, depending on the idea being discussed in the paper.

A good thesis statement example should be just about one or two sentences, so be very keen when looking for an example from a paper.

There are various sources of thesis statement examples that you can obtain the samples from to use in writing your papers. However, you have to always choose well-written ones to refer to for successful results.

Writing the thesis

With the above tips in mind, you can now get down to writing a thesis statement while at the same time making reference to the examples within your reach. In order to make the work much easier, always look for thesis samples for papers that discuss the same idea or topic as your own.

While referring to the examples, try to also brainstorm on various ideas about the topic of discussion. Explore different angles and collect sufficient evidence that will help you in explaining the argument into detail in the paper.

Organize your points well, each with evidence and analyze them in order to come up with a compelling claim. Look for relationships like contrasts and similarities between the points and think of the significance of each one of them.

A properly written thesis statement should always be very specific with regards to the argument or claim that you are making. Try not to use too many words since that would end up confusing your readers. Be direct and clear in your claim in order to effectively drive the message home.

Besides, it is also advisable that you avoid being too complicated in the thesis. Use words and phrases that are simple and straight forward in presenting the key claim for your paper. The message should be one that your audience can read and understand before heading to the body of the paper.

A good thesis statement should always outline an argument that you are able to effectively defend within the boundaries of the paper. This implies even if a claim expressed in a given sample is convincing but you are unable to prove it, simply let it go.

Formulating a thesis statement usually takes time and even the samples that you are using were not simply written at once. Therefore, there is always a possibility of re-writing the thesis later on. If need be, do not be afraid to adjust the thesis statement to your needs along the way.

Just as outlined earlier on, the length of thesis statements may vary and this applies to writing yours too. However, always try to put your points in a very precise and clear manner.

Thesis statement examples to refer to

Many students often believe that there are sources from where one can always acquire thesis statement examples at will. That may be true but you should note that not all the samples that you lay your hands are good for reference.

The following are some of the best examples that you can use, and links to where you can always find them.

Example 1

Sample thesis statement from research paper, ‘’Human Sex Trafficking around the World’’

‘’…The aim of this analysis is to bring to light the operation and existence of illegal sex industry and human trafficking across the globe. Human sex trafficking across the globe is a major issue that needs to be addressed because of its steady and rapid growth which is at the expense of vulnerable women and children who are victims of illegal operation…’’ Read the sample thesis here.

Example 2

Sample thesis statement

‘’…The Chilean reform example provides evidence that the distribution of land is an essential component of both the improvement of peasant conditions and the development of a democratic society. More extensive and enduring reforms would likely have allowed Chile the opportunity to further expend these horizons.’’….

Example 3

Sample Research paper on International Business Expansion

Sample introduction with thesis (Thesis statement marked in bold)

‘’In this paper, we discuss some of the factors that should be considered while embarking on international expansion of fast food hamburger franchise. For the business to expand, its franchise successfully to the UAE, China, Mexico and Israel, it is ideal to first evaluate the different values and cultures in these countries as relates to eating and food. It is also ideal to analyze the social behaviors in relation to employees and customers, understand the work attitudes and training requirements in these cultures as well. The ethical standards within which businesses operate in the respective countries will be analyzed as well. Lastly, we will evaluate the individualistic and collective attitudes in the four countries. These attitudes will be used in the classification of the nature of culture in the country as either individualistic or collectivist…’’

Find the example above on this here.

Example 3                                                                                                            

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