Thesis Statement Essay Sample Paper

Thesis Statement

Religious practices and believes play a major role in peoples’ lives. Christians and non-Christians who believe in a particular denomination therefore engage in various practices to exercise their faith. Through the religious practices, they learn to be role models, patient believers, and people who can rely on their religious faith to succeed in life. This interview report will therefore discuss how religious practices, believes, and Christian faith has affected Mrs. Mary Hanne. The report will discuss how Christianity has helped Mrs. Mary to lead to a moral, ethical, and religious life allied to Christianity within the Baptist denomination.

Interview Report

On Friday 29 May 2015, I interviewed Mrs. Mary Hanne in order to gain insight about her religious beliefs, faith, relationships, doubts, and practices. Mrs. Mary is a qualified and experienced teacher at my former high school. She is also a forty two years old woman who identifies herself as a Christian within the Baptist denomination. Mrs. Mary asserted that, she has been practicing her religious faith and beliefs as a Christian since she was born in April 28 1973. She however was born again during her last year while pursing higher education after she underwent a life changing experience.

In 1998, she was in final year at the university pursuing her higher education in order to gain skills and qualify as a high school teacher.  Her elder brother however fell ill prompting admission at the hospital for thorough and closer medical checkup. She claims she has always been very close friends with her brother who was also her best friend. When he fell ill, she therefore felt lost as she could hardly engage in the usual conversations, games, and jokes with her brother. This is because the illness adversely affected his brain render changing his physical, emotional, and psychological abilities. For example, he hardly recognized his parents and siblings, as he would appear afraid whenever they visited him at the hospital. Mrs. Mary asserts that, as a family they felt pain watching her brother fade further away due to the illness. She claims the doctors could not verify what was ailing her brother. This put pressure on the family as her parents needed their once vibrant, hopeful, hardworking, and charming son healthy.

During the second week at the hospital, Mrs. Mary attended her mass as usual. She however asserted that Sunday was special as she decided to make a pact with God. Being a Christian all her life, she had been taught that God provides human beings with what they ask or request. That day however she decided not to ask or request. Instead, she decided to make a pact with God by praying and telling God to heal her brother in exchange of surrendering her life towards His ministry. After the church service, she visited her pastor and requested him to assist her are saved in exchange of her brother’s health. She claims eight days later her brother had fully recovered, moved back home from the hospital, and ready to return to work.

Mrs. Mary therefore utilized the interview to confirm her faith has played a vital role in protecting her as well as her family and friends. She claims that, as a Christian within the Baptist denomination she beliefs she ought to be a role model. Her behaviors should therefore be morally upright and ethical characterized with acts of empathy, love, appreciation, and guidance towards others. Her day-to-day practices are therefore based on her religious beliefs. For example, she established a program at school in order to motivate young believers to be saved. The program involves weekly meetings during which willing students engage in Bible studies in order to gain deeper insight allied to Christian beliefs and practices. She affirmed the program has assisted several students over the years who have successfully debunk Christian myths and gained a deep understanding with regards to what they are expected to engage or undertake as firm Christian believers. Thus, she cannot identify as a Christian if she does not positively influence at least a single person’s life per day. Her teaching career has therefore been supportive towards her Christian goal as it provides Mrs. Mary with a platform to affect other peoples’ lives positively.

As a result, when I asked her to identify the main ways she has learnt about Jesus, she listed the following. The first time she learned about Jesus was during her Sunday school days as a young girl. However, as she matured and continued to attend Bible studies at her local church she gained deeper insights about Jesus, God, and Christianity. More so, she learnt to apply her Biblical teachings in day-to-day activities in order to relate with Christianity. For example, she would assist her friends with homework to emulate Jesus who helped people and enhanced their abilities. She also attends church regularly in order to worship God, give Him honor, gain more understanding from the Bible, and practice her faith through worship and prayers. She also attends church to present God with different prayer requests she believes He hears through her prayers and answers. She however asserts that, Christians ought to be patient until He answers.

She chose her church because she believes the worship practices are allied to her Christian beliefs and faith. For example, the church holds Bible studies every Wednesday in order to teach the believers to rely on Biblical teachings as they live and practice as Christians. She affirms that, the Bible has been a great teaching tool in cementing her Christian faith. Without the Bible, she claims her patience and beliefs as a Christian would not be strong. The Bible has therefore provided her with techniques to be a firm and practicing Christian believer who is identified based on her actions, faith, and relations with other people who can be believers, non-believers, Christians, and non-Christians.

She however does not deny she occasionally have doubts about her faith. This mainly occurs when she is undergoing a tough period in her life and her mental, physical, and emotional abilities are adversely affected. Her relationships with students, teachers, friends, and family members however play a major role in reminding her that being a Christian involves practicing her faith. As a result, she repents and requests God for strength in order to overcome temptations and hardships hindering her to practice and believe in her faith. The interview