Thesis Generator

Thesis Generator

A thesis generator is an online tool that enables you to create a thesis statement for an argumentative paper or essay paper. It is a tool that generates many thesis statements for the user. Using this tool, you can have several statements that you can use as examples for different persuasive essays or papers. Additionally, you can use the tool as your resource for practicing how to write thesis statements so that you can sharpen your skills in writing effective thesis statements for your papers and essays-

A thesis statement refers to a sentence that sums up the major points in a paper or essay while previewing the supporting points. It is important because it provides a guide to the readers by telling them what the main points or ideas of your paper or essay are and what your supporting pints are in the essay- A thesis statement is generally the second last or the last sentence in the introductory paragraph of a paper or essay. It can be one or two sentences.

Using a thesis generator to create a thesis statement

Articulating a strong thesis statement is a challenge to many people. This is because a thesis statement should be a short but detailed description of your argument in the paper or essay. Writing such a statement is not easy especially if it is the first time you are writing a thesis statement. However, a thesis statement generator enables you to come up with an original and unique thesis that is straight to the point, direct and descriptive of the main argument in your paper or essay. Generally, if you find writing a thesis statement difficult, using this tool makes the writing process easier and effective.

With this tool, you create a thesis statement that:

  • Identifies the specific purpose and way of accomplishing that purpose and sometimes the specific audience that the paper or essay targets.
  • Asserts your position in the essay regarding the topic or issue.
  • Readers can easily identify with.
  • Is not ambiguous but clear

This tool is important because a paper or essay that does not have a thesis statement with these attributes lacks focus and it is usually considered inadequate. The main purpose of a thesis generator is to show you how to write a thesis statement and to help you practice the main principles of writing a thesis. This practice enables you to understand how various parts of thesis statements relate. A thesis statement that is produced using this tool may require revision before it can be accepted. However, using this tool enables you to organize ideas and also to practice writing various thesis statements till you craft one that you find appropriate for a persuasive paper or essay.

What you should do before you use this tool to write a thesis statement

Before you use this tool to generate your thesis, you should:

  • Identify the topic that you intend to address in your paper or essay

The topic refers to the general category that your paper or essay is about. It can be assigned by the professor or the teacher or you can be allowed to choose any topic that you prefer. If you are allowed to choose, pick a topic that you like or find interesting.

  • Identify your target audience and their reading needs

You can be writing a paper or essay as part of your coursework or for publication in a college journal. When writing a coursework essay, your target audience is the teacher or the lecturer. For college journal publication, the target audience includes other students and scholars. Your thesis statement should consider the reading needs of the specific audience that you are writing the essay for.

  • Decide on the main opinion or point of your paper or essay in relation to the topic and needs of the audience

The main point or opinion refers to your position in regards to the topic. It is what you consider true and wish to support in the paper or essay. Come up with a short sentence that describes your position or main point in relation to the topic while having the reading needs of your audience in mind.

  • Come up with reasons or points that support your main points

The supporting points are the qualifications of the position that you take and express through your main point or opinion. They are the reasons why you took a particular position about an issue or the topic of your paper or essay. State your reasons or supporting points clearly.

  • Highlight reasons why you are likely to face opposition or disagreements from other people

This entails stating the reasons why the position that you take regarding the issue or topic may face opposition or have problems. You can highlight these reasons by using words like “although…”

Generally, before using a thesis generator, you should know the topic of your paper or essay, your position on that topic or issue, the reason for taking that position and why people might agree or disagree with your position. Be specific to make generating a thesis statement using the tool easier-

Steps to follow when using this tool and a sample thesis statement that it can generate

  1. What is the topic of your paper or essay?

Example: Affirmative action during college admissions

  1. What is your stance on the topic or the main point or opinion?

Example: Affirmative action during college admissions ought to be abolished.

  1. What are your supporting points or rationale for your stance on the topic?

Example: Judging a person’s fitness for admission to a college on other basis apart from academic merit is unfair.

  1. What are the concessions that you will highlight or make to qualify your stance while acknowledging possible opposition?

Example: Although greater diversity in college is achieved through affirmative action in colleges…

  1. Put them together to create a thesis statement (Qualification + rationale+ stance= thesis) –

Example: Although through affirmative action colleges achieve greater diversity, it ought to be abolished because judging a person’s fitness for admission in college on other basis apart from their academic merit is unfair.

Important tips

  • Use short phrases in answering the above questions rather than complete sentences.
  • Avoid the use of punctuation marks to end each phrase or answer.
  • Avoid capitalizing letters that start your phrases.
  • Once you have answered all questions, revise your answers to ensure that they make sense and that they are brief then click the “generate thesis” link.

Benefits of using a thesis generator to create a thesis statement

Using this tool enables you to avoid the stress that comes with the process of generating a strong thesis statement. A thesis statement should be an integral part of your paper or essay because it declares the points that you will make in the paper or essay to the readers at the beginning of the paper or essay. It controls your paper or essay- This tool enables you to have a thesis statement or argument that you present to your readers at the introduction in a simple but direct sentence.

Generally, using this tool is beneficial because:

  • It enables you to create a concise statement

This tool helps you bring together the main point or strong ideas in a concise thesis statement. The final thesis statement that you get when you use this tool is sufficiently long to express the main argument in your paper or essay but concise and direct to the point.

  • It enables you to create a descriptive statement

With this tool, you come up with a thesis statement that is relevant and fit for your topic. This implies that a great tool enables you to come up with a custom-written thesis statement for your paper or essay. Thus, your paper or essay will have a thesis statement that has not been used in other papers or essays.

  • It creates a thesis statement that is free of grammatical, punctuation, spelling and formatting errors

As long as you answer the questions of this tool as instructed, it generates a quality thesis statement that is free of errors. Even if you may have to make changes to your thesis statement, they will be minor.

Trying to eliminate weak points or ideas when you have many ideas is usually frustrating for most writers. However, when you use a thesis generator you easily get your wording right and save time that you would spend trying to eliminate the weak points.

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