Thesis Builder

Thesis Builder

Also known as thesis creator, a thesis builder is an important tool that is recommended for formulating a thesis statement for an academic paper. In order for you to know how to effectively use this tool in drafting thesis statements for essays, there are a few things that you should note. Read on for more insights on thesis builder and how to apply it in writing thesis statements for different kinds of essay papers.

A thesis is usually a very important part of an essay paper since it tells the readers your main claim or argument in the text. In this way, the audience are able to get the concept of the paper. The thesis statement is supposed to be written towards the end of the introduction to your paper.

The basic components of a thesis builder

Since a thesis builder is used in the development of a thesis statement, it has to indicate all the key concepts of a good thesis. The thesis creator should act as a ‘blueprint’ where the key points for your claim will be outlined.

The following are the basic parts that should be included in a thesis builder

Topic of the essay

The topic refers to the main subject of the paper that you will be discussing. Although it is already indicated at the top of the essay, it is important that you also touch on it when developing the thesis for relevance. This implies it is very important that you properly understand the topic of the paper in order to come up with a good thesis statement.

A good topic should be one that people debate about, so always try to find something logical to discuss. If you are not sure whether the topic is debatable, you can try re-writing it from an alternative angle.

For example; a topic like, ‘’Gun Control Should be Adopted’’ can be re-phrased to read, ‘’Gun Control is against the Rights of Citizens.’’

Opinions about the subject                                                                                                                

Apart from just knowing about the topic of the essay, you should also take time to look into the different perspectives of the subject. By having varied opinions about the subject, you will be able to make an informed choice on the most appropriate angle to pursue in the discussion.

From the opinions that you have gathered, you will need to formulate a key idea that will act as your main argument. In order to determine the chief claim, you have to find the strongest angle among the various ideas. Remember, you must have strong points in order to make the essay compelling.


After you have chosen a main argument, it is also important that you identify some points to support it. These will also be highlighted in the thesis statement to enhance the clarity of your claim.

Try to weigh out the ideas that you have for the thesis to determine whether the arguments portrayed therein are always true or there are exceptions. You need to take note of any downside or demerits of your claim since you may be required to point them out in the thesis too.

Indicate if there are any reasons that might make your claim seem simple unrealistic.

The Reason

In spite of the qualifications, you have to give a reason why you believe that the main claim is correct and should be considered. Readers will always want to know why considering your position is important to them. However, it should be noted that the thesis statement should only summarize the main claim, therefore, only give a general statement. Reserve specific reasons for the body paragraphs.

Sum it all up

Having all the points that you need for crafting a thesis statement, you should then use them to write a few sentences describing the main claim. This section should always come last in the builder and state your thesis as intended.

You can choose to draft the builder for your thesis using the subtitles outlined above or write them in the form of questions.

How to use a thesis builder

A thesis builder helps you in piecing together different ideas to form a thesis statement. This means that you have to know how to analyze different points and generate a rational argument that can convince your readers.

Using a thesis creator is easy since it only requires you to enter the points for crafting the thesis is given spaces. However, you have to try and be very precise considering that a thesis statement should not be very long.

Having known the basic components of a thesis generator, you can now go ahead and prepare one for yourself. Alternatively, you can also refer to online sources for a wide range of thesis builders. However, you have to be very keen when using online sources for reference since not all are generally good.

If you are creating your own thesis generator, you can simply list the main components as subtitles under which you will enter the required information.

For instance, the first subtitle in your thesis generator can be like:

  • State your Topic

Regulating Television use by Children

You can either use subtitles, numbers, letters or bullets to highlight the different components of the thesis creator.

In order to make the task of writing the thesis statement easier, avoid using too many words or phrases in the builder. Instead, only indicate necessary and important information. Try to make the points as much simple as you can to enable readers understand the thesis better and easily.

Avoid using punctuation marks when writing your points in the builder, instead, write straightforward and clear points.

After you have filled in all the spaces with the desired ideas, you can now move to the final stage of summing them up to create a thesis statement. The statement should portray your main claim as intended since it will be used in the essay as the thesis.

Refine your statements

When writing the final statement, try to relay the points in the same format that they are outlined in the builder. In order to come up with good thesis statement, it is advisable that you write about two or three different statements using the points outlined in the thesis generator.

From the statements that you have created, you can now come back later and analyze each one of them to establish the best thesis for your essay. In choosing the most ideal thesis statement for the paper, you have to refer to the purpose of the essay.

After you have decided on an ideal thesis statement for the essay, take time to carefully proofread it and make necessary corrections.

In the course of doing research for points to include in the body paragraphs, you may have a change of heart and decide to alter the thesis. There is no mistake in this, provided that the final claim serves the purpose of the paper.

Examples of thesis builder

Reading sample thesis generators can also offer you more insights on how to create one and use it in formulating a unique thesis statement. The following are some samples to inspire you in developing and using a thesis builder.

Example 1

Sample thesis builder        

  • What is your topic?

Health effects of music

  • What is your main conclusion about this topic?

Listing to favorite music is good for health

  • What is the main argument for your conclusion?

Music reduces stress

  • What is another good argument for your conclusion?

Trials revealed that it relieves pain

  • What is the main argument against your conclusion?

Individuals can respond differently to the same piece of music

Thesis statement

Although individuals can respond differently to the same piece of music, listening to favorite music is good for health because…

Example 2

Thesis statement guide development tool

  • State your topic

Regulating Children’s Television use

  • State your opinion or main idea about this topic

Parents should regulate the amount of TV that their children watch

  • Give the strongest reason or assertion to support your main idea

It is not always intellectually stimulating

  • Give one more strongest assertion for your opinion

It inhibits social interaction…

Read the rest of this sample on this link.

Example 3     

Simple thesis builder

  • What’s the topic you want to write about?

Electric cars

  • What’s your main opinion on this topic?

Electric cars should replace cars that run of fossil fuels

  • What’s the strongest argument supporting your opinion?

Fossil fuels harm the environment

  • What’s the second argument that supports your opinion?

Electric cars are a solution to our dependence on foreign

  • What’s the main argument against your opinion?

Electric cars currently cost far too much to manufacture…

Read the above sample and more insights on how to use the tool here.


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