The Proposal for a Capstone Project

The Proposal for a Capstone Project

Writing a capstone project is a tasking exercise that requires prior intensive planning for successful delivery. The capstone project proposal plays this role as it clearly stipulates the systematic procedure that will be followed in writing the capstone project.

The proposal should therefore reflect the following:

a) Problem statement

Prior to writing a capstone project, you must state the problem you intend to investigate and state why studying the problem is significant. It is also paramount to indicate how the problem arose, and how the previous studies have attempted addressing it.

b) Literature survey

A literature survey serves to inform the reader that you are knowledgeable about your field. in addition, it helps to show a relationship between the proposed study and past researches. It therefore must be conducted from reliable and relevant sources.

c) The methodology

State the methods you will utilize to collect and analyze data. You must also give an explanation of the suitability of the methodology chosen. For instance, if you intend to use secondary data, are you certain the data is available and complete?

In this section of writing a capstone project, it is also expected that you will show what information will be collected, how it will be collected, and how it will be analyzed. In addition, indicate potential limitations of the study, and they will be addressed.

d) Timeline

Every school assignment must be submitted within a specific timeline. Writing a capstone project is an intensive activity that if not properly planned can result in a mishap or submission of an assignment after the date of submission.

The proposal needs to illustrate clearly every activity of the assignment, when and how it will be executed. This ensures that every activity is allocated adequate time and resources.

e) The bibliography

It should comprise of sources used in the literature survey. The bibliography for the proposal may slightly differ with the final paper, but it should be relevant.