The Process for Conducting and Writing a Case Study

To get authoritative results in any research paper assignment, you must follow the stipulated procedures in conducting the research to presenting data. Below are important steps that researchers should follow when writing a case study.


When writing a case study, planning involves the following:

ü  Brainstorming to get suitable ideas for a research topic.

ü  Identifying the required information and sources for such information.

ü  Identifying stakeholders.

ü  Ascertaining that research will follow the stipulated standards of ethics.

Develop research instruments

Case studies usually utilize interviews as the method of data collection. This step requires the researcher to come up with rules or instructions that will be followed in order to ensure consistency and credibility in the information presented when writing a case study. Such include coming up with questions that will be followed during an interview and stating the emphasis that should be laid on each question.

Train your personnel

Where necessary, train the people that will assist you in data collection. Some of the factors that you should look into when training your data collectors include discussing:

ü  Techniques for data collection

ü  Review of instruments and items of data collection

ü  How to evaluate the objectives of the study

ü  The set standards of ethical issues

ü  Working or building on interpersonal skills of communication, and

ü  Practicing how to use the instruments of data collection

Gather information

Collecting data for writing a case study will require you to:

ü  Conduct interviews with the consent of the respondent

ü  Consult with all stakeholders

ü  Collect data from relevant files

Analyze the collected data

This step of writing a case study requires the researcher to sort and organize data in a logical and comprehensive manner.

Disseminate information

In this step of writing a case study, you are required to do the following:

ü  Write a report

ü  Request for feedback

ü  Revise the report if need be

ü  Release the information to the relevant recipients