The color of a person’s skin Sociology Essay Sample Paper


“The color of a person’s skin does, unfortunately, determine law; the application of the laws is mostly determined race. The question in the US about racial background is widely used to discriminate people from minority groups. This is due to prejudice and stereotype which is rampant in the criminal justice system. The random stops by law enforcement officers have actually become selective in that people from minority groups are targeted. There is a stereotype of individuals from certain groups being criminals because they cannot obey the law. There are reported incidents whereby the random stops by the police are targeted at people who are dark-skinned. The US culture determines how the laws are applied; the laws are just a reflection of our cultural practices in the society. Law is embraced in many practices in our society and the selective application of the law depicts our cultural practices and how people of certain groups are seen.

The government has a prevalence of Xenophobia after the attack of September 11 by terrorists. The prevalence of xenophobia within government destroyed immigration reforms that were supposed to be done in the US and I believe the September 11 attack played a vital role. The US government is reluctant to draft policies and laws that support the path to legalization of immigrants from other countries. In 2005, a poll showed that 72% of Americans favored a program whereby illegal immigrants who work in the US to be registered with the government. The government has not put in place strategies to ensure that a program is implemented due to xenophobic prevalence within it. There is strong evidence that show that xenophobic aggression dramatically increased and became wide spread after the attack within government and the general population.  For instance the American Arab anti-discrimination committee reported that that in 2003 alone there were over 700 reported incidents targeting Arab Americans.