The Capstone Project Report Writing Guidelines

The Capstone Project Report Writing Guidelines

Capstone project writing cuts across different fields of study. Due to the specific requirements in the fields, institutions, and faculties, there is not a fixed format on how the capstone project report should be written. Below is a guideline for writing a capstone project, but can be amended based on the requirements of your study. The report must be clear, precise, direct, and precise. Here are The Capstone Project Report Writing Guidelines you need to follow.

The title page

If you submit your project electronically, there is no need for a title page. However, if submitting a hard copy, the title page should have the title of the project, your name, date of submission, and your institution.

The chapters

There is not a fixed number of chapters that capstone project writing should have, or a fixed format that should be followed; consult from your faculty to get the specifics. In the event you are using a five-chapter report format, the guideline given below is helpful:

a) Chapter 1

Introduce the problem under investigation; give reasons why studying the problem is important, and define terms that will be used in the research. Different terms may mean different things to different people.

b) Chapter 2

It is the literature survey and should include sources that are closely related to the study. The literature survey should not be a simple listing of sources used in project writing, it should reflect an in-depth understanding of sources used and their implication to the study.

c) Chapter 3

State the methods that will be used for collecting and analyzing data, how, when, and where the data will be collected and analyzed. You should also justify the choice made.

d) Chapter 4

It comprises the findings of the research and the interpretation made from the researches. Although the two can appear in the same chapter, there must be a clear distinction.

e) Chapter 5

In project writing, it is the conclusion. It should be characterized by creating a link between different sections of the write-up and stating the implications of the study.