Technology Sample Essay on Team B nETW600 Capstone Project

Team B nETW600 Capstone Project

Project Goals and Objectives

  1. To improve the condition of the infrastructures and make major changes on them to make the company more efficient in future
  2. To make changes on the infrastructure that concerns equipment life cycles, cabling, and disaster recovery.
  3. The objective is to come up with network security system that allows employees to be able to work from home.
  4. The company also wants to develop a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution to be used by employees and other stakeholders in ensuring that the goals of the company are met
  5. They aim to improve and upgrade their security system in order to protect their valuable information stored on the network.

Project Assumptions

  1. Current Security State

The project assumes that an up-to-date security solution is always a good option for solving most problems hence installing a surety system that has modern features and capabilities will enable the firm to solve some of their problems (Gustas, Nilson & Wjotkowski, 2010). The project assumes that infrastructure is a sure way towards development, and that their current slow growth in development is due to poor and outdated infrastructure hence improving the conditions of the infrastructure will definitely increase their operations.

  • Risk of Security Breach

The project also assumes that currently, Travel Agency, Inc. is running with outdated security standards that do not conform to the modern day standards (Gustas, Nilson & Wjotkowski, 2010). They assume that the Thought that one is not able to make their security any better is a flaw and no one company should ever think that they are not at risk. Research shows that there are clever people who will find ways to breech into the network and steal valuable information. Hence, it is important for them to come up with new security measures for protecting the stored information on their network. To be able to achieve this activity, the company needs people who are well conversant with security installation and operation. The organization also needs to come up with modern data protection methods, such as installing firewalls, using NIDS and IDS, and security audits (Gustas, Nilson & Wjotkowski, 2010). They should supplement old methods of data protection, such as restriction and backups as these methods do fail.

  • Allowing employee and customer interaction

The travel agency assumes that it is important to allow employee interaction with customers whether the employee is on leave or not. However, this activity is not possible because of the current network systems used in the firm, as it does not allow an employee to work from home hence making it hard for them to have continued relations with clients (Gustas, Nilson & Wjotkowski, 2010). As such, they need to come up with network that supports employees to work from home and sustain currently strained communication between them and clients.

Current Configuration of Network

            The current network configuration at the travel agency is out dated and does not perform modern functions. Instead, it limits the company to very few activities most of which are no longer in use. The management has recognized the need to come up with modern types on networking their infrastructure to optimize their activities. The company should therefore use modern network configuration, such as TCP/ IP, which is a set of protocols that allows every user with a computer, modem, and Internet service provider to access and share information over the Internet (Parker & Siyan, 2002).

            TCP/IP is a faster method of using and accessing internet. Research shows that users of instant messenger service provided by AOL and ICQ, which is also owned by AOL account, can send over 755 million messages per day. This is a large amount of information to transfer, and most of it is transmitted over the Internet. Therefore, using this networking system will allow employees and customers to interact with ease through instant messaging using the internet (Parker & Siyan, 2002). In this case, the speed of network is important hence using a network that is fast is of high advantage to the company.

            There is also the need to use private networks, especially when the work being done by an employee is not supposed to reach people outside the working environment. The organization, therefore, intends to install virtual private network on personal computers of employees. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) would allow employees to work from home instead of a call center and still be able to access customer’s information. Allowing employees to work from home might not seem like a problem. The organization also needs to come up with networked computers within its environments (Sanjay, 2014). Networked computers make it easy for employees to share data between devices without the need of an external storage device like a flash disk or hard drive. This also reduces expenses, such as printing for the purpose of availing document to employees. The document may also be sent to clients through emails, which is very cheap and quick

Evidently, the Travel Agency, Inc. is still running on a private branch exchange (PBX) internal phone system. The problem is that the PBX will not hold up to modern day standards, especially if the company decides to allow all employees to work from home in future. It might fail to merge well with the network solution the firm is laying out for them due to lack of compatibility (Butterman, Moiler & Dumbusch, 2003). The implementation of a VoIP system for employees to use will open up a whole new world of possibilities for the company and allow them to grow.

Data Volumes, Measurements, and Details

The company deals with large volumes of data on a daily basis, it therefore needs to implement ways of dealing with such enormous volumes of information since the one used currently is not sufficient. The data volumes measurement and details should be reviewed and reported to the company for appropriate actions as this directly affects their operations and relationship with the clients.

Existing Customer Equipment

            Currently customers do not have access to any equipment in the firm. The company, therefore, needs to come up with client’s equipment to make their shopping and other buying activities easy (Butterman, Moiler & Dumbusch, 2003).

Identification of Business Issues and Requirements

            It is clear from the problem definition’s goals and objectives that the company has issues that need to be solved. In order to fully identify and solve the issues in the business, the firm requires professionals with expertise in business evaluation and scenario planning (Butterman, Moiler & Dumbusch, 2003).These individuals must be able to examine every aspect of the organization and recognize areas that need improvement, they also need to look at the current scenario and how it will affect the future of the company.

Budget Requirements

The transport agency needs an extensive system upgrade and will require a very big budget since the cost for the current infrastructure alone was one million dollars a unit. The configuration that the managers are proposing requires all employees in every department to be able to use equipment with various capabilities, such as sending emails, video conferencing, making data bases, and keeping employee contacts among others. This initiates the minimum budget at 6.5 million dollars without the labor required for the mechanical, structural engineering, systems engineering, and testing after the engineers install the new hardware. 

The firm also wants to install the VoIP, VPN, and other networking devices, multiservice Access Platform in each department as well. This unit starting price is $37,000 per unit. For this project, they would require to purchase over 50 PCs and installation of networking and MSAP in the company. This would be at a cost of nearly $305,000 for the purchase of the MSAP units. The cost does not include the engineer that is going to be required to certify the COTS MSAP as it tactically shock resistant for use in tactical telecommunications networks. 

The firm will then need to add training, installation, and engineering costs for this equipment. They will need a team of at least 10 to 15 engineers and trainers in addition to administrators and project management support. In total, they should have a team of 35 personnel with an average salary of 100 thousand dollars for the year. This puts the company’s total budget to at least 10 million dollars for a 12 month project including unmentioned miscellaneous.


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