Technological Factors Affecting Apple

Technological Factors Affecting Apple

Apple Inc. is a multinational technology firm with its headquarters in Cupertino, California. This company engages in designing, developing and selling computers, consumer electronics, online services and software. Apple is among the most valuable companies globally with market capitalization worth $559. However, this does not mean that the company, being a technology giant, is not affected by technological factors that can destroy it if they are not dealt with. Despite being one of the most reputable companies it is still exposed to various technological factors that can hinder its performance. The company ought to address such factors immediately to ensure that it remains effective and competitive. There are numerous technological factors affecting apple.

Wi-Fi issues

In April 2012, Apple was at the receiving end when the Wi-Fi issues affecting the latest iPad Tablet from the company forced it to engage in investigations. Among the issues that were called to the attention of the company included the inability of the device to pick Wi-Fi or wireless network, slow speeds as well as dropped connections. Among the noted symptoms following the investigations included intermittent connectivity, slow speed with Wi-Fi and invisibility of Wi-Fi. According to the company, the Wi-Fi issues affected the third generation iPads only. It is presumed that the 4G LTE models are safe from the Wi-Fi issues because of the extra power of the network that is allowed by the black rubber cut at the unit’s top.

Security flaws

In 2014, Apple released Mobile and Mac operating system for fixing the problem of critical security problems. Some of the people who used the products from this company faced exposure to hackers who attempted to intercept their communications through the internet. Security flaw has been a major technological challenge for the company and it is among the most challenging issues that the company has had to deal with. This is because its products were potentially easy for hackers to track and monitor sensitive information exchanges. The flaw was due to the provision of vital information by OS, called SSL, or TLS to the hackers. These are the layers of the OS that should enable Apple products’ users transmit their information without the worry of security issues.

Internet services

Apple has had challenges with internet services. Apple was involved in this issue that attracted the attention of blogs and the press. Apple took a go-slow while grinding it out approach. MobileMe failed to work. Apple Maps also did not work. The consumers started becoming impatient as they wait for Apple to act. Apple seemed to think about the issue internally. Consumers are becoming technologically advanced. They want to get results faster which mean that Apple must also work faster in resolving internet services issues.


The management of Apple knows that the company should be social. From the perspective of internal skill, Apple should understand the importance of social networking and try to take advantage of this evolution. Apple has people with talents who breathe and live social. Apple can work with Social Media Channels like Twitter to inject the social aspect in its lifeblood. However, the technological challenge that Apple faces is in the variation in its technological culture and that of the companies that offer social media services.

How technological factors affecting Apple can be addressed

To deal with these technological factors Apple needs to test its products carefully before releasing them to the market. This will ensure that issues like Wi-Fi issues and security flaws are addressed. To address the security problem for instance, Apple released the iPhone 4 iOS and iPad 2 as well as iPod touches, fifth generation. This update software includes patches for fixing what was called SSL encryption bug or “gotofail.” The released updates fix security flaws using iOS as well as the latest OS X versions.

Apple should also respond to problems like internet service problems quickly so that users do not become inpatient. Additionally, the company should be more social by working closely with social networks.

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