How to Excel in Writing Dissertation Assignments Dissertation papers are written by students mostly pursuing postgraduate courses such as masters and Ph.D. To excel in writing dissertations, you require a few tips here and there. There are things you must undertake to ensure your Ph.D. paper scores top grades. Otherwise, you may have to struggle
Excelling in Writing High School Assignments Writing assignments in high school is very rampant because teachers use assignments to assess student’s competence and success. In fact, almost every teacher will give students some assignments to work on. Let us discuss some of the things you might need to know if you have an assignment to
How to Excel in Writing English Coursework Lecturers test various things using English coursework and assignments, including student’s proficiency in grammar, fluency, and ability to finish assignments within deadlines. In addition, lecturers want to see whether students understand various matters they are meant to discuss. You should do your homework well and read thoroughly when
How to Excel in Writing Essay Coursework Essays are mainly written from the author’s point of view, although some require one to research a few issues here and there. An example is research essays. Coursework essays include cause and effect essays, argumentative essays, persuasive essays, and research essays, informal and formal essays among others. You
How to Excel in Writing Term Paper Coursework Term paper coursework is those papers completed within a term of study. They include research papers, research proposals, dissertations, essays, and reports, among others. They are written in response to questions floated by the lecturer. Lecturers also sometimes give descriptions or instructions that students must use to
How to Excel in Writing English Assignments English assignments are of various types; they include those involving creativity, general or specific writing. English assignments test a variety of skills and competency and thus, to excel, you must be aware of what is to be tested. In this paper, we discuss the number of things lecturers
How to Excel in Writing Grant Proposal Assignments You need to know a few things in order to excel in writing grant proposals, among them discussed in this paper. What you need to know also is that some things are imperative, whether you write grant proposals in academics or write them to request finances. Let
When writing a case study, you can choose to take an analytical approach or a problem-oriented approach. An analytical approach focuses on conducting a case study analysis where the researcher seeks to understand what happened and why it happened. The problem-oriented approach seeks to analyze a case study in order to understand the existing problem
Different Types of Case Studies Case study as a research method is used for qualitative researches and is most suitable if your research question bears the following characteristics: There is a need to address the question how It is impossible to manipulate the behavior of the study subjects or phenomenon There is a need to
The Capstone Project Report Writing Guidelines Capstone project writing cuts across different fields of study. Due to the specific requirements in the fields, institutions, and faculties, there is not a fixed format on how the capstone project report should be written. Below is a guideline for writing a capstone project, but can be amended based