Recommendation Letter Templates A recommendation letter is a reference letter, which is commonly required when applying for a job, scholarship or college admission. Recommendation letter template therefore shows all the elements to capture whenever you are asked for this type of letter. Notably, a recommendation letter is written by a different person and not the
Personal Profile Examples If you want to know how to write a great personal profile, you should use personal profile examples as your writing guides. A personal profile refers to the section of a resume or curriculum vitae that details the skills, ambitions and interests of its writer- For most people, writing a personal
Personal Statement Examples Using personal statement examples is a great way of mastering the art of writing great personal statements. A personal statement is a document that answers specific questions that businesses and most graduate schools ask the applicants. It is also a career or profile summary that enables recruiters to identify strategic value that
Types of Letter Format There are different kinds of letter format which over the years have been put to use. These formats are applicable mostly to formal letters. This is because informal letters do not need any particular style of writing since different ways can be used while writing them. It is important for you
Job Recommendation Letter A job recommendation letter refers to a document that a person writes assessing the characteristics, qualities and capabilities of another person who is being recommended on the basis of his/her abilities to perform a given function, task or job. This letter is also called a reference letter or simply a recommendation- You

Body Paragraph Examples

Body Paragraph Examples Knowing where to acquire high quality body paragraph examples will enable you to master the art of writing top notch academic papers with ease. Using the examples, you will be able to clearly see how good body paragraphs should be crafted. Keep reading for the best guidelines on where to get the
Introductory Paragraph Template An introductory paragraph template shows the key elements of the first paragraph of a paper in their order and structure. It is a guide for writing an excellent intro paragraph for all your writing assignments. Since it is the first part of your written work that your audience interacts with, it is

Introduction Examples

Introduction Examples If you want to know how to write great introductions, you must use introduction examples as your writing guides. Introduction samples are examples of the first paragraphs of different types of writing written by experienced writers. When readers start reading your essay, paper, report or review, they want to comprehend new text that

What is a Critique?

What is a Critique? A question that many students ask whenever a lecturer asks them to write a critique is “what is a critique?” You might think that the lecturer implies being derogatory or negative but this is not true. Usually, a critique implies a means of approaching the ideas of other people. It simply
Where to Find a Sample of a Good Critique What is a critique and where to find a sample of a good critique? The reason you want to know where to find a sample of a good critique is probably because you want to deliver the perfect piece. Yet, writing a critique is not always