How to Excel in Research Paper Writing Research papers are the type that requires knowing the right theories to use when writing. In fact, the real task is applying those theories to the situation at hand, or even solving a problem with a theoretical foundation. Let us discuss some of the techniques that may help
 How to Excel in Writing College Paper Coursework Students pursuing studies in universities do college coursework. Coursework depicts any paper done in writing as an assignment, to fulfill demands for the courses pursued. All that a student needs to excel in coursework writing is understanding what they need to do, why they need it, and
Excelling in Writing Science Assignments Students in high schools and those pursuing science courses at universities and colleges do science assignments, like any other types of assignments. In addition, science assignments test a variety of things, just like any other type of assignment. We discuss the variety of things tested in science assignments: 1.      Knowledge
How to Excel in Writing Grant Proposal Assignments You need to know a few things in order to excel in writing grant proposals, among them discussed in this paper. What you need to know also is that some things are imperative, whether you write grant proposals in academics or write them to request finances. Let
How to Excel in Writing Research Proposal Assignments Research proposals are written to suggest the need to do research on particular matters and a given topic. Students in any level of study, including university and college, write them. Students seek to score top grades for written research proposals and papers. In preparing to write research
The Proposal for a Capstone Project Writing a capstone project is a tasking exercise that requires prior intensive planning for successful delivery. The capstone project proposal plays this role as it clearly stipulates the systematic procedure that will be followed in writing the capstone project. The proposal should therefore reflect the following: a) Problem statement
Critical Thinking in a Nutshell Critical thinking is the art of making logical decisions characterized by logical thought processes in order to derive a conclusion. For this to happen, a critical thinker must conceptualize, synthesize, analyze, evaluate, observe, reflect and reason. In addition, the critical thinker needs to have an open mind and be ready
Red Flags in Critical Thinking Critical thinking involves following systematic steps or procedures to derive a conclusion. However, due to some factors, also known as red flags, this is impeded. Below are some red flags that you should watch out for in order to write an effective critical thinking paper. 1)     The bandwagon approach There
How to Write the Introduction of a Capstone Project The significance of the introduction in any piece of writing cannot be overruled. Creativity and skill need to be employed when writing the introduction for a capstone project. There is not a fixed style of writing a capstone project due to the difference in requirements for