Factors Affecting Marketing Functions Factors affecting marketing functions are the conditions, situations or aspects that may hinder or enhance the achievement of promotional goals of a business. Marketing is an important activity that every business has to always conduct in order to promote its brand and products to the target market. Marketing functions on the
Importance of Mitosis in Plants The importance of mitosis in plants simply refers to the significance or benefits of this process in the growth and development of plants. Mitosis is a process through which chromosomes are split during cell division, to form other cells. It takes place in the eukaryotic cells. When mitosis occurs in
Globalization Pros and Cons Understanding globalization pros and cons In simple terms, globalization is the process of changing from an isolated world to an integrated world. It involves long term change towards larger international cooperation in regards to politics, economics, cultural values and exchange of knowledge. According to many experts, globalization is driven by modern
Impact of financial leverage Financial leverage is the degree at which organizations or companies uses fixed income including preferred equity, securities and debts in their capital structure. With high financial leverage, high interest payments are also generated. This means that the earnings per share at the bottom line are negatively impacted by interest payments. On
Book Review: Multinational Enterprise and World Competition by Jeremy Clegg Book Review: Multinational Enterprise and World Competition by Jeremy Clegg The book, Multinational Enterprise and World Competition is based on the author’s, Jeremy Clegg, doctoral thesis that earned him the best Dissertation Award of the Academy of International Business I 1985. The book is a
Factors Affecting Residential Investment Residential investment is an area that interests many, and accounts for the wealth of a greater percentage of homeowners, hence, knowing the factors affecting residential investment is of significant importance. These factors basically refer to the aspects or conditions that may hinder or encourage people from investing in residential property. By
Foreign Direct Investment Pros and Cons Foreign direct investment pros and cons highlight the advantages and disadvantages of investing in foreign countries. FDI is whereby multinationals or conglomerates acquire the largest shares or stakes of other companies in foreign markets. This gives the multinational or conglomerate powers to control the key operations of the acquired
Foreign Direct Investment Foreign direct investment (FDI) is whereby a country acquires or sets up businesses, and tangible assets, including shares in other countries, mainly through private investors or corporations. As a result of this, the investor is able to gain control of the business operations and organization of investments in a foreign country. With
Resource Allocation and Budgeting Resource allocation and budgeting are important practices during strategy implementation. Resource allocation is a process that entails distributing the available resources, especially finance, from a central position to the peripheral levels. On the other hand, budgeting is more detailed and precise. Budgeting can be defined as a process of establishing a
Major Factors Affecting Level of Investment While there are no hard and fast rules for investors, whether institutional or individual, at least certain factors will determine investment decisions. These conditions have a strong bearing on the future and success of the venture. They determine the boundaries within which an investor operates. Even though decisions on