Strategic Planning Essay Sample Paper on Google’s internal environment

Google’s internal environment


There are several strategies used in the operation of Google including:

Google works with a team from BizOps which has high profile and high impact on Google’s business. The team works on a range of the critical projects and issues of the corporations such as the growth strategies for other exciting products like YouTube, chrome and mobile. This engineers the priorities and sale of force globally. The operations team works closely with the chief business officer, the executives and the senior leaders to facilitate growth. Google’s operational team ensures they provide products of high value which will satisfy whatever need their customer’s may have quickly and efficiently. Google hires personnel who are smart and also determined favouring their ability and not experience. They ensure they create an environment where all members of the company’s team feel free to share the ideas and opinion (Waters, 2006).

Google’s faces competition in all their aspects of business specifically from companies that aim to connect people with the information on the web. Competition is mainly from yahoo and Microsoft’s as they are general search engines. Google also compete for their providers contentment basically influenced by the size of their advisors and their quality. This is basically done on the basis of the relevance and usefulness of their engines, the features, availability and ease of use of our products and services. The corporation competes for two reasons, first is to attract their providers based on the size and quality of their advertiser base and to retain them. Their ability to help these partners generates revenues from advertising and their terms of agreement (Whitmore, Tonkin, & Cutroni, 2013).

Human resource management                                                                                                   

Google’s human resource management hires social scientists that run a number of tests on the employees by collecting data from employees so as to develop a better culture. The other way is giving smart perks for their employees, some years back the increased their maternity leave to 5 months from 12 weeks. Google also uses data to understand what their employees have in mind and try to implement what would be of positive impact to their productivity.

According to the authors Truss, Mankin, & Kelliher, 2012, Google’s HR strategies have significantly contributed to the corporations’ turnover, strikes, layoff, employees training and a quality work. These strategies result to more productivity reducing the number of strikes as the employees feel motivated. This would hence contribute to an affective work life for a high turnover.

Google’s HR strategies provide the company with high competition advantage as their employees feel more motivated than employees from their competitors. Their workers are more effectively as they find their job more favourable increasing their productivity.


IT strategies should be capable of covering the areas of technological management.  A strong IT department is needed I executing the IT strategies. Google’s strong IT uses some IT strategies where they hire a strong it team with high skills. The IT team makes sure they are on toes to note any technological changes.

These strategies favour the companies over their competitors in making the first move. Once a new technology is identified by the team, it is immediately evaluated and implemented if found to be of benefit in increasing the output. With proper technology which is up to date, the company is able increase its productivity and contribution in the market. The products are of a higher quality and more efficient for use by its users.


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