Sociology Paper on Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Sociology

  1.  Increased investment from the citizens leads to increased economic growth and development.

 Independent variable

 Increased investment- the average amount of investment money that the investors are willing to invest in the country. What is the level of increased investment among the investors in the country?

 Response categories are 0-$1millon plus.

 Dependent variable

Economic growth and development- the economic growth is measured in percentages. This helps to understand the rate of economic growth and change in the economy over a certain period.

What is the current level of economic growth in the society?

 Response categories are 0-100 per cent

 Structural-Functional theory- The society is known for its ability to work with different elements as a system. This implies an improvement on one aspect of the economy would improve the overall economic growth. Investment describes the devotion of personal money to some public projects and programs with an aim of making profits.  The investment patterns are different among the different countries across the world. The investment decisions and levels define the level of economic growth and development in a certain country. This implies that a country should encourage investment among its citizens to promote economic development.

Based on the nature of society, the structural-functional theory can be used to explain that the practice of investing is appropriate in promoting economic growth and development in the society. The structural-functional framework promotes interconnections of the different elements in order to promote the overall economic growth in the society. The theory seeks to identify the correlations between the two variables. The connections indicate the conditions that must be obtained to gain a certain thing. Therefore, the structural functional theory can be used to identify the interrelationships between two aspects in the society.