Sociology Essay Sample on Racism and Segregation

Racism and Segregation

Segregation has always been a thorny issue in education institutions in the US, and the most common form is racial segregation. Currently, Americans seem to accept that segregation is part of their custom to separate the minority from the majority. Initially, the Supreme Court had enforced desegregation in public school, which was perceived as a great step to end segregation. However, the assumption that school districts are mature to carry out their responsibilities professionally has permitted many schools to admit either only white or black students. I believe that the American children need to socialize with one another as they grow up both in their residential areas and in schools. Courts should not assume that schools have the capacity to end segregation. Enforced integration can assist in changing the face of the American education institutions, and the whole country at large.

Racism is the worst thing that can happen to any human being, and it seems to move from one level to another. From education institutions to residential ownerships, racism has rendered the minority groups powerless without any significant thing to prove their incompetence. The minorities, despite their ability to own homes, are being discriminated in terms of property ownership by being treated unfairly. This implies that leasing agents are limiting the minorities from owning properties in residents that are dominated by majority whites in favor of the majority. Such intolerable act should not be condoned, as the Constitution is against discrimination due to race, color, or ethnicity. A person is left to wonder whether accepting money from a white person can add any value that could be missed by serving a minority buyer, even when the process of owning a home is still the same anywhere.