Sociology Essay Paper Sample on Women and Work

Women and Work

            Jonathan Talbert, I really appreciate your contribution and observation about maternity leave. In United States, the federal government delegates the duties of paid maternity leave to the local authorities. Therefore, many local states provide diverse maternity leaves to clients. Comparing these rates to other countries in the world, the United States needs to up their game. The women population is growing in the employment sector. Having these benefits in place will enhance their paternity endeavors.

            If we consider the services different states are offering to their patients, some services are similar to those offered in most developed countries. However, some issues raise questions. An example is why a country’s with a stable and growing economy offers short paternity period than countries with unstable economies. This is the reason as to why parents in Sweden benefit from a paid maternity leave guaranteed for a period of up to 480 days. The rate is so high as compared to the United States which is densely populated than Sweden.

            Therefore, the country needs to come up with a national plan in regards to maternity leave. States should be forced to adhere and comply with the national plan to be enrolled out in the entire country. Although health service remains a devolved function of the government, the national authority needs to have some interest for the good of the public. In times of crisis, the government is able to control and restore normalcy.

            Local governments may sometimes overlook workers plea to advance development agendas. Thus, federal government interventions will facilitates and protect consumers of health services. For women maternity leaves, the United States has to make some changes to avert the situation.