Social Work and Human Services Sample Paper on Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

            During my time in High School, I enjoyed participating in group activities and helping people. After I completed my O levels, I had hands-on experience in dealing with people especially within my local community. It is during my interaction with people that I realized my love for people and the community was flowing in me. I enjoyed helping people especially the ones in need and vulnerable, working with communities to eradicate situations such as disease and poverty. As an aspiring social worker, I learnt that my main line of duty was to ensure individuals who were vulnerable were protected from harm (Doel, 2012). I had the experience of working with groups of adults and children especially the ones who were vulnerable to drug addiction and HIV/AIDS. I attained some knowledge in counseling and teaching people about HIV/AIDS.

            My passion for social work was ignited by one of the experiences I had while I was working with young people who were addicted to drugs. With the help of one of the community counselors in our locality, I was able to take one of the young people though a series of therapeutic programs that helped him to get out of this chain of addiction. During this time, I realized that I found it easy to work with young people especially with the Hispanics since there were few social workers who were Hispanic in Mississippi.  I have plans to take up an opportunity as a school social worker in Mississippi, a region where Hispanics are fast growing in numbers. I believe that Our Lady of the Lake University Graduate School of Social Work has the best and conducive environment for my learning needs. It is my best choice since it is geared towards working with Hispanics.


Doel, M. (2012). Social Work: The Basics. London: Routledge.