Social Work and Human Services Paper on Admission letter to Integrated Social Science major

Admission letter to Integrated Social Science major

My life history is a very interesting yet describes a familiar story lien that is common among many people. My desire for education and continued thirst for knowledge is governed simply by passion mixed with responsibility. These effects have often prompted me to seek knowledge from wherever it can be found and from whatever source can provide a little bit of it. I have maintained my familiarity with books and other online resources just to keep my life dreams alive. Besides, my employment area gives me a simple and practical opportunity to pursue my dreams on social responsibility and custody. Besides, my family needs and the compulsion to fulfill these makes me aware of the need to continue turning the wheels of desire amidst gloomy hopes. It is based on this rich history that I write this application letter to describe my hopeful desire to join the Integrated Social Science major through an online platform.

I had to drop out of _____ at around the year 2005 due to family financial hardships that have been manifest through the prior years of attending ______. It was a tough decision to make considering its effects on my life and my dreams too. Matters came to reality when I realized I had to make such tough decisions sometimes in life. At that time, I had to work full-time to support my family needs that were falling asunder and getting overwhelmed with fattening debts each passing day. Despite all these, I decided to keep my dreams alive amidst adversities by continuously familiarizing myself with my intended path through the scrutiny of relevant books and practical lessons provided by my job. I have continued to familiarize myself with reading books and news online daily to get a gist of the societies’ feelings and reactions to various social issues, a formality that has helped developed my interest in social science.

I have been working for ______ Company since 2008, and through my earnings, I have been able to pay off most of the family debts while supporting my family expenses too. I have been able to keep good track of the balance between my meeting my family needs and my work responsibilities, a matter that has won me a full scholarship from the company’s scholarship systems. I will be receiving full educational benefits from the company to achieve my goal of completing the degree in my preferred area of study and later on work on further education strategies. Working for _______ Company is like living in a small city, where I have to face many similar social and political issues on a daily basis, a fact that has built my desire in learning further about these issues. One issue that has impressed my desire most is the wish to learn about the working relationship between different parts of human society and apply that to my work.

Several issues have boggled my mind to make me question various things that happen in life and thus increased my thirst to seek more knowledge about them. One of the topics that I would like to explore or discuss is how much impact “death sentence” has on the human society. I have had mixed feelings and understanding about this topic and have been prompted to search further. I have read several publications, including books and articles regarding this subject, and yet I couldn’t find something that convinces me to pick a side to support it or refute its practice. On one side, I understand the possible flaw of how someone could use the system for his/her good. On the other hand, I have a first-hand experience interacting with a friend who is still in the lawsuit of seeking justice for his family member, a matter that gives me a feeling to support it.

I have completed studies in Sociology and Economic at _______ prior to dropping out. The two courses interest me a lot because they are the fundamentals of the world in which we are living today. I have only taken the basic courses to get a shallow understanding of the various aspects relating to the economic and social spheres of our society to give me a rough idea certain issues of primary concern and relevant to my work. If there is any opportunity; I would like to explore the higher level courses to advance my knowledge.

I have taken a few online certification courses, and I am very comfortable learning and self-motivated to complete all assignment on time. On a scale of 1-10 (1-weakest and 10-strongest), I would rate myself at 8 because I don’t have a full experience of taking any full courses. However, I had a great time learning on my own by scheduling my priorities e outside of work online. I am very familiar with various computer applications including web browsing, Microsoft Office, and many other Microsoft software. The biggest challenge I had was the family financial issue, which has been resolved since 2014. Besides, my company is also paying for all my education expenses including tuition, accommodation, and travel expenses. Moreover, I have full support from the management to complete my degree, an assurance that keeps me wanting to achieve my best out of the courses. I believe that is my application, receives a positive feedback, I shall put in my best to perform better in all my courses to realize my long harboured dreams.