Social Work and Human Services Essay Paper on Case Summary

Case Summary

Geoffrey is a twelve year old African -American boy who is reported to have begun associating with drug use and sale at his school. The youth is also reported to be aggressive and none of his friends can easily relate to his issues in school. Geoffrey lives with his drunkard father since his parents divorced when he was 9. He also has a verbally abusive grandmother who takes care of most of their needs and in whose house they live with his younger brother. Geoffrey’ mother remarried after their divorce and has been away ever since while his father took to drunkenness.

A case analysis reveals that Geoffrey’s negative behavior could be because of the family disintegration or due to adolescence and the effects of peer pressure. A complete understanding of the case can be achieved through applying the family social systems theory and integrating it with the cognitive behavior theory to motivate the client towards behavioral change and to make that change sustainable. The family social systems perspective can be used to describe the disorganizations that result from the disintegration of the family as a social system, resulting into chaos. The cognitive behavior theory makes it essential to use cognitive behavior therapy for behavior modification.

While offering intervention for the case, a social worker, together with the client can set goals such as to directly identify the causes of behavior deviation and to work towards the elimination of negative behaviors. Achieving these goals, this makes it mandatory for the social worker to avoid discrimination based on any reasons; uphold justice and personal dignity and to practice with competence. The social worker is at liberty to involve the state’s assistance where it may be required due to available policies that cater for this.