Research Paper on Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness

The economy of the world is growing at a rapid pace and it is the aim of every public corporation to deliver products that are of high quality in regard to services and goods to international and domestic markets. There is urgent need to produce products that are highly competitive and which give consumers the highest satisfaction level. This has led to increased competition among private and public corporations for international and domestic markets. Multinational corporations resort to production of services and goods that leave the consumers indifferent in their preferences and tastes. They accomplish this through creation of a link between the public investors, government, stakeholders, public and shareholders at large. This paper identifies Apple Inc. Corporation which is among the growing Public corporations in the US. The corporation specializes in production of iPods, computer software, hardware and iPads.

Assess how Globalization and Technology changes have affected the Corporation

The Apple Inc. Corporation is currently at the peak of supplies and growth in all parts of the world market with its services and products. Through globalization, consumers throughout the world are able to get different kinds of products to choose their consumption bundles in a manner that maximizes individual satisfaction levels. As a factor in market operation, globalization plays a significant role in giving common preferences and taste among consumers (Bach, 2007, p. 44). Even though the tastes of consumers can change simultaneously with time throughout the world and while every consumer purposes to get the best from the corporation, it has succeeded in delivering products that are of common taste. The products they deliver stay for long durations in the market before their demand dwindles. The fact consumers have similar tastes for Apple products throughout the world it makes it easy for Apple Corporation to deliver products that meet the consumers needs across the globe. For instance, the taste of iPods, iPads and computers is universal and it does not change easily with time. Technological changes such as changes in communication, means of transportation, and means of production all play a crucial role in ensuring there is a clear link between the corporation and the consumers. The products are also produced at the lowest possible cost and delivered in different markets in good time as well as through safe means. Through technology improvements, consumers are able to access Apple Inc. products online and they also compare them with other products for purposes of making informed choices. In such instances, consumers get what they want at appropriate times and at the least possible cost. This makes the corporation very competitive as it makes improvements in the products it delivers every day.

Apply industrial organization model and resource based model to establish how the corporation can earn returns that are above average

The industrial organization model provides an analysis of boundaries, relationships and structures between a market and a corporation. The Apple Inc. Corporation has exclusive and distinct industrial structure which makes it possible for it to carry its operations in an efficient manner. As a huge firm, Apple Corporation uses industrial organizational model strategy which follows a specific chain of command from the stage of packaging, production, transportation to product delivery of its products into the market. This aids the corporation in maintaining the largest market share in market that is much segmented with producers of products that are almost similar. The model purposes to eliminate the few firms that deliver the same products as those of Apple so it retains its position as the sole supplier and producer in the global market in computer and related products. Apple Corporation achieves this through improved advertisements reduction transaction and production costs ss well as establishing strategic alliances with the government.  The model makes it possible for the corporation to benefit from less competition through entry barriers creation and also assess the next steps of potential competitors (Bach, 2007, p. 47) in the market. The resource based model applies an internal perspective that explains the manner in which the unique bundle of a company or internal resources collection and capabilities can be used to represent core operations as well as value additions to products. Therefore, it is through the Resource-based model that Apple Inc. identifies critical capabilities and resources worth investing in especially under improved capacities. This aids in determining the completeness, appropriateness, characteristics and conditions of external environment as a factor in issues of management. Product creation also functions from the administrative and management functions of an organization as such this result to delivery of products that meet the needs of the consumer throughout the world.

Assess how the Vision Statement and Mission Statement of the Corporation Influences its overall Success

There is no corporate organization that can operate without an objective, goal or center of focus. Both vision and mission statements are of great importance whether a corporation is public or private. It should outline long term and short term goals of the corporation as well as the means through which the goals will be achieved. Vision and mission statements also provide clear direction of operations in the Apple Inc. Corporation. They form the basic principle guidelines upon which the corporation runs its operations. Just as is the case with any multinational, with the aim of increasing its production capacities and delivering high quality products in the market, The Apple Inc. mission statement is focused completely on present day offerings and the products that are already in the market. The focus therefore is making slight improvements in these products through proper packaging and design such that it captures the entire world market. The mission statement of Apple is recognition of the need to integrate health and safety management practices as well as sound environmental protection to daily operations as well as offering products and services that are technologically innovative. Apple strives for continued improvement in its provision of health and safety measures for workers, environmental controls and production of quality products, services and processes because of its mission statement. It is the vision and mission statement that also defines the future operations of Apple Inc. Corporation as well as the delivery of excellent internet gadgets. Currently, Apple Corporation is the leading supplier of hardware, computer products, internet services and professional software in the market. The corporation has also succeeded in provision of the best personal computing experience throughout the globe. It achieves this through innovative software, Internet and hardware offerings.

Evaluate how every stakeholder category impacts the overall success of the corporation  

Stakeholder refers to the person or group of persons who make an investment, interest or share in a company, industry or business. A stakeholder always strives to see the cooperation achieving its major objectives. This definition cannot be limited to the person who purchases stocks in the company but it also explains contribution made by those who do not have any direct link to the regular running and process of making decisions in the business operations. They also contribute greatly to the production process and aid in determining the corporations’ success in terms of carrying out its activities. They learn the roles as employees, customers, business partners and communities. Stakeholders from the very top to the bottom also have a say in the decisions made in the corporation and furthering the activities of the businesses involved. Apple In. Corporation has classified its stakeholders on the basis of the kind of role they play in the process of making decisions; in which case, different stakeholders have varying requirements and interests that are directed towards the growth of the corporation. Though their relationships are different, Apple Inc. stakeholders always work towards achievement of a common goal. For instance, the active stakeholders are involved in day to day operations of the corporation. They execute and make policies as well as advertisements on the products they offer. In addition to this, they also ensure the cooperation is fully operational. On other hand, there are passive stakeholders who though not part of the managerial issues, they provide finances and always keep company in check (Rider, 2001, p. 31). Without financial support the corporation is not able to do much to attain its objectives. The government also impacts the operations of Apple. The US government which s the regulatory body formulates rules that control the operations of the corporation. For instance, environmental regulations provide the corporation must not produce any products that pollute the environment and it should also cover the costs of production externalities. The last stakeholders’ category is final users and consumers of the products. They demand high quality services and products from the corporation. All these varying stakeholders impact the corporation positively and the outcome includes reliable, efficient and improved delivery of computer related products such as iPad, iPod and others.


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