Blog Reflective Essay

I never made any attempts at blogging before therefore the blogging assignment I completed recently was my very first experience. Though this was the case, I was not absolutely blank in the task. I had gathered some tips as well as read some blogs on how blogging is carried out. When I made the move to blog, the first priority on list was the subject. My purpose was to come up with a topic that is new and interesting to readers. I was interested in a blog through which people would be on the lookout for updates on issues discussed. As such, I made the choice to blog on discrimination of minority groups including lesbians, albinos and gays among others.

I had to pick one topic to blog about despite the fact there were several topics to choose from. During the process of making my selection, I had to take various issues into consideration. First, I took into consideration the topic of interest in which case, I picked a topic I was passionate about. By making that choice, it would become easier to update my blog regularly. I also took into consideration the point I would discuss with other individuals. In this instance, it would be possible to debate on the issue as well. Apart from picking my topic, I also had to consider different kinds in order to ensure my blog was interesting. I first of all organized my points in order to ensure I delivered the information better to my audience. In this instance, I carried out thorough research on the topic to ensure it capture the attention of the audience. What is more, I also applied use of graphics to capture the attention and information of the audience. The topic information was captured with colorful and clear pictures and diagrams.

The message or information on my blog was on discriminatory situation in the country which is geared towards minority groups such as the albinos, lesbians, immigrants and gays. I developed a rhetorical stance on the topic in a couple of ways. First, I had the desire to ensure the public was engaged in the thinking process and also change their minds through the information I provided. As such, my rhetorical stance for the blog was aimed at changing the perception the public has and ensure they view minority groups as normal beings. I attained this by using a persuasive tone and providing evidence in all the statements I made. I also made sure the audience gained an inner understanding of my topic. In this respect, I make it possible for my audience to ask questions about my thoughts while providing answers to my inquiries into the thoughts they had. I also used a tone that is persuasive in the blog as I was certain about the stand I had taken. I concluded that with evidence, the stand I had taken was the route the audience needed to take.

I built credibility for my topic through provision of my educational qualifications. I added my profile to my blog by providing my academic qualifications in the area of discrimination. I also offered the audience various credible sources and evidence for the information used.

Additionally, I used diagrams for purposes of stressing my points and as such, my opinions were highly respected. The tone I used on the blog was largely influenced by my religious background. I believe God is the sole judge of humans as such there is absolutely no need for judging others because it is God’s work. Also, I believe everyone is equal as such they should enjoy equal opportunities as everyone else.

The target of my message was religious fanatics who are fond of minorities’ discrimination (ie gays) by claiming they belong to the devil. Before I wrote my blog, I took part in various debates on rights of minorities out and in school. From these debates, I concluded that many people were discriminating these minority groups and especially the lesbians and gays without understanding fully the issue behind their practice. I made the assumption those discriminating these groups lack sufficient information on human rights as such the purpose of this blog was to educate them and also rally their support in fighting discrimination. Based on information provided on my blog, the audience has the chance to take different stances. The largest percentage is likely to support the stand I have taken in fighting against discrimination. However, there are those who are likely to criticize my blog and even claim I am in a single sex relationship of intimate nature.

I used different kinds of writing styles on my blog. There are instances when I use informal writing but I also make provision of formal writing. I also provided information that was purely based on my personal opinion. Sentences are based on expression of thoughts as such, while there are some which are long, others are short. My text has different font colors while the titles have a different font color from the body text. The body text was formatted in medium size font for purposes of legibility and clarity.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed my blogging experience. Though it was the first time I blogged, it felt like I was a veteran by the time I completed the task. I know there are blogging aspects that need to be taken into consideration hence I will work on sharpening my skills. I will be a regular blogger now and I do not need to be given another assignment in class in order to write new piece of information.

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