Cigarette Smoking


Cigarette smoking and branding of the packets are issues that are surrounded by a lot of controversy. Majority of people question the legality and moral standing of the government with regards to allowing cigarette smoking considering that the cigarette packets are branded with clear indications that they can cause harm to human health. Most of the cigarette packs bear the signs; ‘Smoking is Injurious to health.’ The greatest concern is why the government has failed to ban cigarette smoking.

I will be in support of the government’s position of authorizing people to carry on smoking despite the habit being harmful to health. My first argument will be from an economic point of view. I will shed light on how important cigarette smoking is to the economy and how it is related to a country’s development. Besides, I will also give an illustration on the rules of contract that highlights the need of buyers to be aware with regards to their purchases. Despite my support for the government’s decision, I will not deny that those campaigning against cigarette smoking too have a valid reason. With respect, I point out their counter argument and give an illustration on why they should consider the choice by the government to legalize smoking of cigarettes.


It is undeniable that cigarette smoking negatively impacts the community. However, after measuring and evaluating the pros of this social evil, everyone will be in agreement that it is a necessary evil. Foremost, I would like to note that if individuals do not abuse cigarettes, they will never get hurt. The reason why many people suffer from cigarette smoking is because they are unable to control the urge to smoke quite a number on a daily basis. If one can manage to smoke just one or two cigarettes in an effort to calm their nerves, they are not likely to suffer from any lung disease. Besides, the warning labels on the packs are a constant reminder that people who use cigarettes are on their way to being hurt.

The government is correct in legalizing cigarette smoking because of the revenue that is generated from the industry. The revenue is taxed by the government in order to increase its total revenues. This tax caters for the government needs for increasing development through funding of projects. Therefore, despite the harm that is posed by cigarette smoking, the revenue that is generated from the product is of great importance in terms of ensuring economical growth of the country.

The cigarette industry has offered employment to quite a number of people. You can imagine the experience that people who are employed in the cigarette industry can go through if all the companies were closed down. First, there will be no jobs for the factory workers. Secondly, the farmers who grow tobacco will not have employments since their farms will become of no use. There are also people involved in the distribution of the product, who will lack a means of their livelihood. Issuance of warning on the harmful effects of cigarette smoking contributes to the good that is obtained from the act.

The government has legalized cigarette smoking because if it is illegalized, there are chances that people will abuse it even more. Humans like ‘the forbidden fruit’ and that is their nature. Therefore, participating in illegal activities is thrilling and will no doubt attract quite a number of people. This means that if the government would proceed to illegalize cigarette smoking, many people will be hurt more since the majority will start doing it for the thrilling effect. People will go to extreme extents to acquire cigarettes and this may result into the depletion of the resources of so many people. Thus, the right way is to allow cigarette smoking. However, warning should be issued about the harmful effects, of which is already done through the warnings on cigarette packs.

The reason as to why cigarette smoking is legal can be argued from a religious angle. All religions are in agreement that God gave man free will to do whatever he or she pleases. It is from this that the government also tries to ensure that all individuals are accorded the free will to determine their future. At times, the government may limit the free will of individuals if it is against the livelihood of others and there is no control over such an action. There can be control over cigarette smoking and the government can make sure that its negative impacts are limited. Thus, it does not have any right to deny people their free will of smoking if they are able to control the impacts.

With regards to law, buyers need to be aware of whatever they are purchasing. Considering that all the information is about cigarettes is inscribed on the packets, buyers are well informed on what they are buying. This is an indication that the sellers have played their role of making sure that consumers have the knowledge of the product that they are purchasing. Therefore, the government should not be blamed for legalizing cigarette smoking.

Counter Argument

It is undoubted that there are reasons against the legalizing of cigarette smoking by the government. It has a responsibility of shielding its citizens from all dangers that are likely to cause hurt to them. The government took an oath to protect the citizens and make sure that they are free from all sorts of threats. However, due to other reasons far from the protection of kids’ interests, it made the move to legalize cigarette smoking. This means that it is meeting its goal of protecting the citizens. One can argue that a simple warning is not enough in stopping people from smoking cigarettes. The government has the power of doing away with cigarette smoking and it should exercise it by banning the act. This should be undertaken from a sense of duty and morality.

One of eth reasons for banning cigarette smoking should be because of the hazardous impact that it has on both smokers and non-smokers. Smoking does not only affect the people who smoke it but also extends to second hand inhalers of the smoke. This information should also be inscribed on the cigarette packs. It is unfair to portray partial information regarding the people who are impacted by cigarette smoking.


Owing to the economical merits of cigarette smoking, it is clear that classifying cigarette smoking as illegal would not be a wise decision. This is because the government obtains a lot of revenues from the cigarette industry. This revenue is channeled towards development projects in the country. Besides, the industry also offers employment opportunities to several people and without it, quite a number would be rendered jobless. As a result of this, there will be an increase in social evils among communities. This is because people will have constant needs and nothing to satisfy them. Therefore, they will turn to other greater social evils than even smoking cigarettes. Those who are for a complete ban on cigarette smoking should look into these benefits before raising their voices.

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