SampleLiterature Essay on The Sequence of Personal Responsibility

The Sequence of Personal Responsibility

Haskins essay has a lot to do with my personal life. Personally, I find the essay very helpful in the way he outlined the sequence of responsibilities. As a student, I had to study very hard in high school levels to be able to attain the best grades for admission to the university. On the other hand, marriage takes place after one is through with the university education where parenting responsibilities knocks in. I follow this clear guideline in my life hence find the essay essentially beneficial to me (Hock 23).

However, in some cases I tend to differ with Harkins idea on personal responsibility as the means of accepting society standards such as individual behavior and strenuous efforts made by individual to meet these standards. This means that individual will have little or no freedom to conduct their business in the community due to cultural norms that the society has set as standards. In so doing, limitations will be a barrier to personal growth. An example is where a society set standards such as circumcision of girls which is against personal wishes as well as health issues of an individual. It is wrong and should be condemned hence I find it incoherent to have girls undergo through the circumcision process. The right thing to do is to allow girls study up to the highest levels in education so that they can attain their goals and objectives in life (Haskins 25).

My views were challenged by Haskins essay by a great deal. My understanding about public policies putting more emphasize on personal responsibility. Behaviors attributed by an individual determine the success of the society in a great way. Government should therefore invest in the behavioral aspect of individual’s life so that they grow up to be law abiding citizens. This would mean educating its population and giving guidance to all without discrimination. Those who contravene the outlined standards are to face the the law.

Harkins idea applies to me concerning personal roles in the society. My role in the society is to uphold security by obeying the public policies imposed by the government. One of the things is that engagement in the sexual behavior late in life to ensure that I do not create a burden to the parents as well as the community through unwanted pregnancies. This will ensure that in the event of my marriage takes place, I will be ready psychologically as well as financially to take responsibilities and cater for all the need of the family (Haskins 34).

I enjoyed reading the essay due to the insightful nature of the event he uses as example to explain his ideas. A good example is the application of personal responsibility in the education sector. This is where student who take the studies seriously prosper in life while those who take education literally must strive to work in the world as laborers.

In life I have gone through several situations that have endangered my personal principles. One of the situations involved the stealing of a radio from my neighbor. I found myself on the wrong side of the law and I had to be escorted to the police station. I regretted having engaged in the ordeal, which had numerous negative consequences over my life (Haskins 12).

I therefore believe that personal responsibility is vested upon an individual character. Conforming to the outlined laws will enhance peaceful corporation between individuals living in the community.

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