Sample Urban Studies Paper on Recycling Plastic

Recycling Plastic

            As a way of minimising costs, industries have greatly embarked on recycling of used materials rather than purchasing or manufacturing new ones. Several factors are considered in choosing the products to recycle to avoid inputting more while the outcome may not be worthy. The quality of the recycled products is also put into consideration with organisations keen to get the best quality to avoid consumer dissatisfaction. Another notable factor put into consideration is the availability of the waste products for recycle. Recycling of plastic packaging products have been made possible in the sense that plastics meet all of the above key factors.

            Researchers have argued that recycling of plastic materials have lead to reduction of use of crude oil which is a major raw material used in their manufacture. This has consequently lead to reduction of cost incurred in manufacturing new packaging products hence making organisation realise huge profits. Another notable advantage is that recycling plastic products has been credited for saving energy as compared to the situation of producing new products of the same nature. Producing new materials requires subjecting the raw materials to very high pressure and heat as well as compared to recycling (Ferrão et al., 2014). Reducing wastes and conserving the environment is also among the merits associated with recycling of plastic packaging products.

            Considering the fact that plastics take long to decompose, if disposed to the environment they may be termed as pollutants and unfriendly to the environment. Transportation and storage of plastic considering that they light and cannot be classified as fragile is also a factor that has enabled the recycling process a success. However, critics argue that recycling of plastic materials can cause air pollution due to the high temperatures the waste plastics are subjected to. On the other hand they argue that low quality products are realised after recycling as compared to production of new plastic materials. Nevertheless, the advantages are far much more as compared to the disadvantages.


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