Sample Urban Studies Essay Paper on Urban Planning in the United States


From: Can Cao


To:      Bill de Blasio

            Mayor of New York City

            212- New York outside of NYC

            New York.

Date:   April 5, 2017

RE:      Urban Planning in the United States

Urban planning is a strategic process that is focused on the development and use of land and other resources within the environment to achieve orderly plans within an urban or rural setting. Urban planning integrates different relevant fields such as architecture and public administration with a purpose of achieving strategic plans and policies that guide in the design process. There are cities that have had success in reference to economic development. Benefits achieved include improvement in the economic and social welfare of the community. North Dakota is an example of a state that has a successful economic development through providing funding for innovation challenge. Through funding from the University Center Programs, it has made it possible to transform a great idea of prosthetics into a company.

The project has been able to invent 3D-print custom prosthetic limbs, which costs less than $10,000 compared to the current market of $25,000-$100,000. Low prices in these custom prosthetic limbs have made it easier for people who could not afford such high prices to access it. Mentorship offered in the innovation challenge helps individuals come up with great ideas that can change the world. In the process, it helps change the economic development status of the area. Such changes include provision of job opportunities, and increases tax generation for the country.

Even though the cost is enormous, the projected economic benefits that will come from the project will significantly outweigh the cost used. The aims of this project are to tap great entrepreneurial ideas at the same time invest in the most appropriate concepts for economic development. The effort put in this process for economic development should be emulated for a successful growth of other states.


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