Sample Tourism Presentation Paper on Speech on the tips, tricks, and steps to make traveling easier

Speech on the tips, tricks, and steps to make traveling easier

Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the appropriateness of making a travelling plan by providing them with tips and steps for that purpose

Central Idea: Preparing for scheduled travels is often tricky for most tourists. When taking flights specifically, it is important to cross check factors such as flight status, baggage limitations and fare prices well in advance.


  1. It is often very difficult to handle dynamics in flights by taking the whole process by yourself. This is because travel plans are often tedious. A research by Choice (1) found that 51% of flight travelers had a problem such as cancellation or delay; a fifth did not have any of their preferences delivered while nearly a quarter had a very bad experience with their flights.
    1. It is therefore common to find someone say, “I am tired looking for a flight yet I cannot find,”
    2. Although they may be dedicated to search for travel options, Frugal Travelers (1) believe it is because the procedures they use are no longer supported in the world today.
  2. The most functional tricks and steps in travel preparations are suggested by Pin trips (1) that allow for a number of online procedures in flight options as well as offline preparations that I will lead you in their discussions
  3. Indeed, I am certain that these ideas function well because I have applied them whenever I plan to travel for my own sake or on official duties.


  1. First, about online tricks, you can always start by searching available travel options through travel websites such as Expedia, Kayak or Orbitz.
    1. Doing this is not easy because thousands of options are available and it is difficult to know the authentic ones. Having a travel agent such as Pintrip is advisable.
    2. For instance, according to Pin trip (1), all you need is to sign up with an agency for online account which filters and neatly organizes booking sites for you by pinning the best searches you make to your account for later use without entering extra information
  2. Offline tricks are many for all travelers especially if you are travelling for the first time.
    1. Taking flight insurance is one best solution in case of delays or cancellations. Should this happen, Sta travel (1) have a solution.
      1. Insured passengers are either refunded or scheduled to other flights conveniently during cancellations
      1. In the EU, passengers are compensated €250–600 depending on the distance of the flight when a flight delays by more than three hours.
  1. Give enough time allowance when catching up for a flight because not many scheduled flights are 100% accurate. Should you encounter problems on the way, having started earlier will be helpful
  2. Make use of social media such as twitter and Facebook because airlines now use these platforms and feedback is swift. Many of your travel challenges can be solved here e.g. tweets on @AmericanAir; @DeltaAssist; @FlyFrontier and @JetBlue for some American airlines
  3. Before leaving home, Independent travelers (1) advise that it is good to check the status of the flight repeatedly; time moves faster at such moments.
    1. The flight could be cancelled as you waste your time to the airport.
    1. If you have baggage and minors (children), also book for them since they have an impact on travel fares are space allocation
    1. Confirm that you have your travel documents such as ID, passport, visa, boarding pass etc.
  4.  Except for the ID card and boarding pass, everything else should be kept in another bag and tidily for inspections, note that there are limitations for baggage weight and excess of it attracts excess fees (ABC news, 1).


  1. In conclusion, travelling is easier for organized people. Starting early when planning travelling is the key ingredient.
    1. It is not punishment to ask as many questions as possible if you have issues as long as this will help you keep up with the flights hence, use of social media should never be forgotten. Thank you.

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