Sample Term Paper

Sample Term Paper

A sample term paper is an important reference material for writing term papers. Good samples can enable you to easily master how to write term papers on your own if used appropriately. Keep reading in order to find the best tips and examples for help on how effectively use a sample term paper for better results.

What is a sample term paper?

A sample term paper is a typical example of an academic paper usually written at the end of a semester or term.

A term paper can be written in the form of essays, research papers, reports, dissertations among others. This implies a good sample can enable you to easily know how to handle different kinds of assignments at school. In fact, good term paper samples can be used across all academic levels including high school, college and university.

Considering the importance of term papers, you should know how to deliver unique and good quality ones that can guarantee the best results by using samples. A good sample term paper will show you all the elements of an academic paper for easy reference in writing the intro, body and conclusion of your paper.

Tips on how to use a sample term paper

In using a sample to write a real term paper, it is advisable that you choose one that covers the same subject that you intend to discuss. Term papers account for the greatest percentage of your final grades, therefore, you should creatively apply the ideas presented in the sample term paper in order to create a piece that is unique for the best scores.

The guidelines outlined below will assist you in mastering the art of how to craft top notch term papers, using samples.

Read and understand the question of your paper

Once you are given a term paper to write, first take time to carefully read and digest what is asked. Without understanding the question well, there are higher chances that you will write a poor paper which will ultimately affect your grades.

In case there is anything in the question paper that you do not understand, always ask before you proceed. Remember that the sample will only provide guidance and not content for the paper, so you must know well in advance what you want to address.

Knowing the content of your paper will help you in choosing the best sample to use. In fact, it will even save you time since you will have a precise idea on the sample to look for.

Study how the sample paper is presented

There are various techniques that can be applied to bring out the unique touch in term papers. Take time to carefully study how the author has introduced the subject, covered it in the body paragraphs and crafted the conclusion.

Besides, you should also be keen to see how the discussion has been presented in the paragraphs to bring out the intended idea.

Do your research                                                                                                                               

Although the sample paper may have adequate information for writing your own, it is still recommended that you do some research on the subject. Sometimes, the information contained in the sample may be incorrect and it is only through further research that you can find the right points. In order to save time, always focus your research on the specific subject that will be covered in the paper.

For proper research, you should use both primary and secondary sources, including the sample papers.

First, look for the key points to support your argument or discussion in the paper. These are the points that will form the topic sentences for your paragraphs. Besides, you will also need to dig further into the research in order to attain quotes, examples and other pieces of information to support your main points.

As you do the research, always take notes so that you do not forget the points and important information to be used in writing your paper.

It is not bad to use information from the sample in writing your term paper, provided that each piece is correctly referenced.

Refine your thesis

A thesis is the chief argument or claim that you will be supporting or discussing in the paper. It can also be defined as the particular angle that your discussion will take. From the sample, you will see the thesis statement at the end of introduction.

Use the points that you have gathered from the research in developing a claim for your paper just as outlined in the sample. A good thesis should be precise, answer the question of the paper and also show how you plan to present your ideas.

Writing the term paper

With the above tips and sample term paper that you have chosen to use, you can now go ahead and write your paper. However, you should first create an outline. This is a rough draft indicating the specific points that you intend to present in the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion of the paper.

Your outline should clearly show how you intend to introduce the paper, present the thesis, develop convincing body paragraphs and conclusion. While creating the outline, ensure that you check the indicated word count in order to refine your ideas to meet the specifications.

Make your point in the introduction

Considering the time limitation, only give necessary information in the paper. Open the paper with general but interesting information about the topic or subject. Try out the approach given below for writing the introduction.

Begin writing with a hook like a quote, question or anecdote that relates back to the thesis and topic of the paper. Give clear and straightforward general information about the topic. Narrow down the introduction to outline the thesis.

Write compelling body paragraphs

After introducing the subject of discussion and telling readers about the perspective that your argument will take, it is now time to give evidence for your claim. At this stage, you should explain in detail, the topic sentences and examples to support each.

From the sample you will be able to see that every paragraph is dedicated to a different point, each with supporting information. Your paragraphs should also be formatted in the same way.

Avoid using vague statements or too many words, instead, simply focus on the requirements of the paper and write short sentences that are easy to read.

Finish with a strong conclusion

The best way to concluding a term paper is restating the thesis statement, giving an important detail from the paper and tying up the loose ends of the discussion. Your paper should finally answer the questions that readers have been asking throughout the paper and leave them with something to think about or look forward to.

Remember to properly cite all your references in the paper according to the indicated style. Just like in the sample, all pieces of information that you have borrowed from other sources should be well referenced in your paper.

Examples of Sample Term Papers

In order for you to effectively understand how to write a term paper using samples, it is advisable that you also look at some examples. The following samples will give you more insights about a sample term paper and links to refer to in order to find the best.

Example 1

Term paper on Foreign Direct Investment

‘’The concern of most policy makers is the way foreign direct investments should be attracted by their countries. On the other hand, the concern of sender countries is about the policies, political stability and facilities of host countries. Basically, foreign direct investment refers to the investment in businesses and production of a country by a company or individual investor from another country…… see more here.

Example 2

Sample essay on Economic Effects of the New Deal

‘’The Great Depression was a challenging time for the American society and world in general. It is a phrase that described the social, political and economic situation in the United States after the 1929 financial mishap. Fortunately, the then US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt came up with a new program that helped in the creation of great policies that assisted the country and economy to recovery by the end of 1930s. What facilitated the depression has been a significant subject of debate since time immemorial among economists and historians, and this has led many to try to figure out the core economic impacts of the New Deal….. see more here.

Example 3             

Term paper on IT Communication

‘’The ISP serves as the internet remote server. Internet users are controlled to a specific ISP server by the VPN via the internet subscription service through the use of a program. To reach a certain VPN, ISP, this connection has to go through an internet service that is subscribed to. For confidentiality in the transfer of L2 traffic, an encryption protocol for tunneling is used by the VPN….. See more here.

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