Sample Technology Research Paper on The Work System Method: Connecting People, Processes, And IT For Business Results

Week 2 Discussion

Management information system (MIS) comprise of procedures and systems that can be used to collect information from different sources, help in compiling it and also presenting it in a format that is readable. Many organizations use MIS to formulate reports that gives them an opportunity to come up with comprehensive information which is important for them during decision making process. It is because the report that they obtain ranges from the daily activities conducted in the business to all the top-level management strategies and activities (Williams, 2017). In today’s business environment, management information system is being used but managers mainly rely on technology to guide them in compiling and presenting data. Currently, I work for the Miami Dade County corrections and rehabilitation and department MDCR. I have managed to experience the ways in which the Human resource department and the inventory department at the rehabilitation center is applying MIS.  At the same time, my previous employer who was Florida Department of corrections (FDOC) also applied MIC in different ways. As a correctional officer sergeant, I managed to apply MIS system when making reports. However, during my several years working with the FDOC, I managed to experience the ways in which some of my teammates in various departments incorporated MIS into their work system. The aim of this paper is to discuss some of the ways in which I have incorporated MIS in my work and also the ways in which I have seen some of my workmates use the technology in their work systems.

The staff members at both the MDCR and FDOC applied MIS managed their work schedules especially their shifts using the technology. They would compile information regarding their everyday schedules especially what they are expected to do on a daily basis (Williams, 2017). The information they used was compiled in a readable manner making it easy for them to monitor their work schedules.  For instance, as correctional officers, they would collect information regarding incoming inmates whom they are supposed to register or attend to based on their daily needs. At the same time, MIS also helped in facilitating collaboration between the correctional officers. They would use the technology to edit and also to share documents which contains relevant information especially from one correctional department to another (Alter, 2006). For instance, those who are responsible for registering the new inmates by collecting their information can send the documents about them to the other departments such as the health sector who can use the same information when there is need.

On the other hand, at my work place in MDCR, I have been using MIS to collect relevant information from different departments whenever there is need. The technology has made work easier for all the departments in the correctional facilities. We do not have to walk from one department to another. All we have to do is request for the other departments to send the right information that is needed at specific time. As correctional officer sergeant, I have managed to create reports using MIS which is one of its most valuable features. I used it in my previous work to make internal reports that the managers could understand about the work that I had conducted. I used MIS to include relevant grouping data in a manner that is logical. For instance, the report I ones made using MIS for my managers included: the labor-hours, the volume of work done, the people whom I interacted with, and the expected expenses for the work that I did. Through this, I managed to focus my work in a productive way. It is also one way in which I avoided making errors to save on time that I might have used to resubmit the report in case I was asked by my employer.

MIS can also be used by the inventory control system in the correctional facility. It can help the inventory department in the rehabilitation center to track all forms of spoilage in the facility. Through this, the managers can determine which items that they need to purchase to replace the ones that have been spoilt or damaged. At the same time, MIS can be used to track items that need to be purchased because they have run out of stock such as daily basic needs like soap used by inmates for bathing. It means that inventory control system which is a type of MIS can be used by the company that I work with at MDCR to track all the inventory movement in the facility from the store.

 On the other hand, I have experienced the human resource department at MDCR use human resources information management systems (HRIMS) to track down daily management especially recruitment of new employees in the company. They have also been using the HRIMS to track all the elements of finances involved in the human resource work such as payrolls and retirement in the organization (Alter, 2006). I have also experienced my workmates in the human resource department using MIS to track the work attendance among the employees to determine their level of performance. They also use it to track on employee’s level of requests such as sick leave or vacations to determine how much they value their work.


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